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Considering Glass Shower Doors? Here’s Why You Should Go Glass

Tempered glass, which is stronger than regular glass, is used to make glass shower doors. Doors with an effective depth of 3/8″ and glass thicknesses of 34″ and 12″ are considered stronger. So you’ve thought about getting glass shower doors. But you’re not quite sure whether to make the investment. In this blog, we discuss […]

Frameless Glass Shower Door – Best Way to Improve the Aesthetic of Your Shower Room

Are you bored to stare at your dingy bathroom daily? Have you noticed that your shower curtains are becoming dingier and dingier? It’s a win-win situation that luxury isn’t hard to get!  We at GoGlass Corp. help with shower door repair services to jumpstart your shower-room remodeling and make them look amazing. A simple shower door […]

How to Replace A Traditional Shower Glass Door with a French Door?

shower door

Your bathroom is a place where you start your day. So, it is natural to consider a bathroom space to look as luxurious and peaceful as possible. Now the question arises how to upgrade your bathroom with classic styles? Who can install French Doors? Allow us to update your old fashioned sliding shower doors with […]

How To Maintain Your Shower

Your spa bathroom deserves to be impeccably maintained. Luckily, shower maintenance does not need to be grueling. With a small routine and a little elbow grease, your spa getaway can retain its slice of heaven. One of the peskiest of shower concerns during cleaning and maintenance is grout. Your grout can take a beating with […]

Hard Water Stains Tips and Solutions

glass shower enclosure in bathroom

Close your eyes. Imagine your perfect bathroom. There’s a large claw foot tub or a modern air jet soaker. You’re finally relaxing in your bubbles. Maybe you hold a glass of wine. Or a good book lays on the ledge. The soothing scents of your new candle wafts through the room.   Slowly open your […]

Simple Broken Glass Fixes

Why replace the entire window when you can simply replace the glass? We are the only glass company on Delmarva that makes our own replacement units, so we can replace your broken glass unit faster than anyone. In addition to windows, GoGlass can cover all your glass needs. From the broken glass piece to the […]

A New Shower Enclosure Creates a Spa Retreat

glass shower enclosure in bathroom

A functional shower enclosure is no longer the main draw of bathrooms. We lead hectic lives with children, spouses, demanding careers. Therefore we seek rooms that provide a relaxing escape. As a result, bathrooms evolved from simple rooms to spa getaways. Creating a spa bathroom will increase the value of your property and provide a […]

How to Clean Shower Mold

Shower with seamless frame

Over time, your shower and shower door may accumulate shower mold. This mold is unsightly and can be unhealthy, but there are some methods for removing it. Read on for some tips and advice on how to clean shower mold Vacuum Before you clean shower mold, you will want to clean your shower walls with […]

Make Your Shower the Ideal Spa Escape

  Most modern homes have small bathrooms, and thus have to choose whether to install a shower or a bathtub. For small bathrooms there is usually lack of adequate space for the bathtub. Besides, a shower is easier to clean, fun to use and then walk out with a refreshed feeling. But it all depends […]

3 Remodel Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Bathroom bathtub cabinet

Sometimes it seems that architects put bathrooms in the tiniest corners of the home that they can. Other times, the house itself is small to begin with, meaning there’s simply no room for a spacious bathroom. Either way, bathrooms often feel too cramped for comfort. If you have a small bathroom, you likely can’t afford […]