Best Shower Door Enclosure Near You

Mar 1, 2024Shower Enclosures

What Is The Best Type Of Shower Door
Enclosure In Ocean City, MD?

Shower Enclosures That Shine
On The Delmarva Peninsula

Shower door enclosures in Ocean City, MD are an excellent way to protect your shower and bathroom floor. Because there are many types of shower enclosures, finding the ideal one may be challenging.

GoGlass has been serving the Delmarva area for over 40 years. Due to our extensive experience with shower glass, we know shower door enclosures well. Over the last four decades, we’ve paid attention to which enclosures last and which require regular maintenance.

Frameless Shower Door Enclosures

Frameless shower door enclosures are the best option all around. While framed doors work well in some situations, they are more difficult to keep clean and more susceptible to damage. Frameless options are the easiest to clean. If you like the look of a framed shower door, it is still a good type of enclosure, but a semi-frameless option may be the way to go.

Semi-frameless shower doors are a minimalist version of a framed door. There is still a thin frame around the door, but it is easier to clean and requires much less maintenance than a framed door.

Clear Glass Shower Enclosure Doors

Clear glass is ideal if you want your bathroom to look larger and cleaner and work with any changes in decor or style. If the glass is treated with an impact-resistant treatment and cleaned properly, clear glass lasts just as long as any other type of glass.

It also increases the value of your home because it’s the choice most people will lean toward. Prospective buyers see clear glass and the elegance of the bathroom. This also makes the space look less cluttered and bigger.

At GoGlass, we offer tinted glass in an array of colors. So, if you want to stick to a unique style, we can deliver. We also offer patterned and etched glass to suit your new bathroom’s aesthetic.

Accessibility Features In Ocean City, MD
For Custom Shower Doors

Accessibility features are never a negative aspect of a shower door enclosure. They are the perfect way to age-in-place, make your bathroom more inclusive, and offer features that almost anyone can benefit from. These features may include grab bars, seating, or an extendable showerhead.

Shower Door Enclosures That Work
With Your Existing Space

Shower door enclosures should work with your existing shower. A glass shower door enclosure can adapt to the space, whether you have a corner shower, a large walk-in, or a simple fiberglass base.

A good glass company can adapt to your shower space and build a custom shower enclosure, complete with return panels if needed. These panels fill spaces perpendicular to the wall so you don’t have to build an expensive wall that closes off the shower space.

Sliding Glass Shower Enclosure Doors

Sliding glass doors and swinging glass doors are both exceptional shower doors. While swinging glass doors are great for large spaces, sliding glass doors work for any bathroom because they don’t take up any extra space when open. They also don’t get in the way, which makes them a slightly safer option for some families.

Shower Enclosures With Glass Shelving

Glass shelving is a sleek way to add more organization to your shower. Some showers, especially tile and other custom-made enclosures, may be free of shelving. While this looks nice, it’s impractical. Adding glass shelving is a good way to add space to store your shower items without looking bulky.

Customized Shape For Your
Shower Door Installation

Shower door enclosures can be square, hexagonal, or even just one panel. That’s the beauty of glass enclosures – the options are nearly limitless. So you dream it up, and GoGlass creates it according to your plans.

At GoGlass, we can help you create the perfect custom-designed glass shower enclosure. If you want to take that next step to upgrade your shower door enclosure in Ocean City, MD, call GoGlass today for a free quote and free consultation at 800-7GO-GLASS.