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Working Together to Serve Policyholders

Insurance Agencies are important partners for GoGlass. We understand that, when we service one of our customers, it is important for us to exceed your expectations for service and quality. Our team of professionals works hard every day to ensure that you receive the highest level of care.

In addition, GoGlass works to provide you and your insurance agents with useful and up-to-date information about trends in the glass industry which may impact your customers. If our Agency Partners are informed about auto glass, typically the number-one claim for many agencies, they can better serve their customers. We hope to provide that useful information via our website, e-mail communication and professional sales representation.

We appreciate your trust in us to serve your customers and appreciate your feedback that will help us improve.

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Insurance Claim FAQs

Below you will find some of the most common questions regarding the windshield replacement process, please have a look!

Will my insurance pay to replace my windshield?

Often the answer is yes. Most glass breakage is covered by your comprehensive auto policy. Contact your nearest GoGlass Service Location and we will help you with the insurance claims process from start to finish.

How much will it cost me?

That depends on the deductible on your policy. Deductibles can vary from zero to $500 depending on how your policy is written. Contact your nearest GoGlass Service Location and we will help you determine the deductible on your policy.

Can my insurance company raise my rates if I file a windshield claim?

MAYBE! The insurance industry tracks your claims history on your C.L.U.E Auto report. Even a small claim may cost you a rate increase!  So, a general “rule of thumb” is to file the claim if you have zero deductible & pay out of pocket with any deductible more than $100.

Can I choose which Auto Glass Replacement Company I want to repair my vehicle?

YES, YES, YES. Some insurance companies will try to influence which auto glass replacement company you choose, even if it is less convenient or you feel less comfortable working with that company. The law is very clear that consumers have the right to choose which auto glass company they want to use.

Does GoGlass help me handle the claims process with my insurance company?

YES! Our trained customer service representatives can help you handle all of the questions and paperwork associated with a glass claim. Call or stop by one of our Service Centers and leave the rest to us.

Does GoGlass do work for my insurance agent or company?

YES! GoGlass is part of all of the major auto glass claims networks and does work for all insurance companies and agents.

Will you come to my work or home?

YES! Most windshield replacements can be done at your home or office. GoGlass has a large fleet of mobile service vehicles to ensure a quality installation on the road.

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