Our Core Values

Our Core Values Are The Driving Force Behind 40+ Years Of Excellent Service

There are numerous glass installation companies in Delmarva, so how can you know who you can and cannot trust? At GoGlass, we believe you should look at a company’s core values. A glass company that follows established core values usually provides a better overall experience. Whether it’s auto glass replacement, any kind of glass for your home, or commercial glass – our policies impact your entire experience. At GoGlass, we strongly believe in our core values – in fact, they’ve kept us thriving for 40+ years.

Our five core values

IntegrityWe Do What’s Right

At GoGlass, integrity means having strong moral principles and following them. Integrity drives our employees to work hard each day and be the best version of themselves professionally and personally.

Here are a few ways we show our integrity on every job:

  • We’re Honest – We tell you everything you need to know during the quote process. We also communicate with you throughout your project, so you’re always in the loop.
  • We Install First-Rate Products – We use the best materials only. That’s why we create our Infinity Glass Units® in our own custom glass baking center.
  • We Offer Special Discounts For First Responders – We honor those within professions that demand and represent the utmost integrity. Specifically, we offer special discounts for military members (active and veteran), Board of Education employees, and all first responders.

RespectFor You And Your Property

We respect you and your home, and our respect shows up at every turn during your glass installation project.

It starts with accurate and detailed quotes. Our visits are designed to educate and not sell. We don’t play sales games – we tell you everything you need to know upfront. 

We’re courteous and friendly. Our genuinely friendly technicians will:

  • Greet you with a smile
  • Communicate throughout the project
  • Gladly answer all of your questions in detail
  • Ensure the installation is finished fast and with pristine results


AccountabilityWe Stand Behind Our Work 100%

 It’s easy for Delmarva glass companies to say they’re accountable, but do they always prove their accountability?

At GoGlass, we hold our technicians to the highest standard; making sure each and every customer is taken care of properly.

If one of our installers makes a mistake, we own it entirely. There isn’t any finger-pointing, and we don’t make excuses or leave you with empty, half-hearted “promises” that we’ll fix the problem.

Instead, we fix any mistake we make in as little as 24 hours. Moreover, it won’t cost you anything. Our lifetime warranty ensures we remain accountable and protect you from installation errors.

TrustWe Hire Honest Installers

 We’ve operated in Delmarva for 40+ years, and we’re not going anywhere. So, if you need anything down the road, we’re here to help. And this means your lifetime warranty is truly a lifetime warranty… you can trust us to be there if ever you need us.

And trusting us means you can trust our employees as well. We use full-time employees only. You’ll never have a subcontractor in your home.

In addition, our employees receive extensive background checks – so when we send someone (or a crew) to your home, you’ll feel safe and secure knowing they’ve been thoroughly vetted. Not only will you have peace of mind, but you’ll be impressed at the quality and speed of their work.

ServiceA Fantastic Overall Experience!

We exist for our customers, and we offer the best possible service. Our first-rate glass and flawless installation are important. However, we also provide the best overall experience as well.

Here’s how:

  • We’re Committed To Safety – We ensure our technicians, customers, and their homes are protected and safe at all times.
  • We’re Constantly Improving – We believe that, if you’re not improving, you’re getting worse. So, we invest in all of our employees and do continuous training and learning. This ensures that we stay up to date on all the latest industry advances.
  • We Provide Unsurpassed Quality, Service, And Value – How can we offer the best glass installation experience possible? We ask ourselves this question every day, and our goal is to be the best glass company in Delmarva.

If you’re searching for a glass installation company in Delmarva that is driven by core values, then contact GoGlass today for a free quote that is accurate and fair.

With GoGlass, you’re not just a customer– you’re family!