Tips For Cleaning Your Shower Door Enclosure

Feb 26, 2024Shower Enclosures

How To Properly Clean & Care For
Your Shower Door Enclosure
In Ocean City, Maryland

Keeping Your Glass
Looking Its Best

Shower door enclosures in Ocean City, MD require great care if they are to live an extended life. They must be cleaned properly and protected well. Doing so isn’t difficult if you start with the right type of shower door enclosure.

GoGlass is a local glass contractor that specializes in shower door enclosures. Over the last few decades, we’ve treated, cleaned, and cared for many glass enclosures. Though installing glass requires a professional glass installer, cleaning your glass and keeping it that way doesn’t always require an expert.

Only Clean Wet Shower Door Enclosures

Cleaning your shower enclosure while it’s dry will make it more susceptible to scratching and streaking. It’s best to wet the glass before you begin cleaning it. If your cleaner is liquid-based, then you can use it. Otherwise, start by spraying it with water – but not just any water.

Soft Water Is Best For Shower Doors
And Enclosures In Ocean City, MD

Hard water is hard on the glass. It can damage shower glass and leave a residue that takes work to get rid of. Soft water is a much better solution if possible. If you only have hard water on hand, ensure you use a proper cleaner rather than water after you shower.

If you don’t know if you have hard water, look at your shower door after you shower and the water has dried up. If there is a white residue, then you likely have hard water.

This may be the reason your shower is difficult to keep clean. You can help by spraying the glass with glass cleaner after you get out of the shower to help prevent some of the buildup. You can also contact a glass installer to install glass that is made to resist this buildup.

Soft Cloths Work Wonders For
Custom Shower Doors

Sponges and microfiber cloths are the best options for washing your shower glass enclosure. Start with water and a sponge to remove streaks, buildup, and anything visible on the glass. Make sure you use bathroom sponges meant for delicate surfaces rather than ones with rough surfaces.

Finish with a damp microfiber cloth, and don’t use a completely dry cloth afterward, or you risk streaks.

Avoid Paper Towels After Your
Shower Door Installation

Though paper towels seem light and gentle, they’re not a good option for shower enclosures. They leave behind fibers and residue, even if you use the best paper towels. They also dry out the surface, as using a paper towel is difficult to keep the glass wet. It’s better to stick with the soft microfiber cloths or sponges.

No Soap Or Detergents On
Shower Door Enclosures

Soaps and detergents almost always leave behind a trail and a buildup on glass. It’s not recommended to use anything except what is made for cleaning glass. Of course, not all glass cleaners are equal in quality.

Use Glass Cleaner On Glass
Shower Enclosure Doors

Glass cleaner is the only thing besides soft water you should clean your shower with. Avoid any harsh chemicals or all-purpose cleaners. Name-brand glass cleaners are great options. Experiment with the top glass cleaning products you have access to – just make sure the bottle says it’s specifically for glass.

Diamon-Fusion Is Ideal For Ocean City, MD

Diamon-Fusion is a glass treatment that makes the shower glass enclosure easier to clean. It also ensures that it repels oil and water, reduces mold, and has a brilliance that is hard to beat. A professional glass contractor must use your Diamon-Fusion glass treatment. So it’s important to find one you can trust.

Keep Glass A Contractor In Delmarva
Peninsula On-Hand

A good glass contractor is on call for emergencies, offers almost any glass service, and provides free consultations. GoGlass does all of the above and more. We’ve been in the business for over 40 years and plan to continue for at least 40 more years. If you are having trouble keeping your glass clean, contact us because we’d love to take a look.

GoGlass is here for all your glass needs – including shower glass. For the best shower door enclosures in Ocean City, MD, call GoGlass today at 800-7GO-GLASS for a free estimate.