Benefits Of A Corner Shower

Feb 16, 2024Shower Enclosures

The Benefits Of A Corner Shower
Enclosure In Ocean City, MD

Why Putting The Shower In The
Corner May Be Right For You

Glass shower door enclosures in Ocean City, MD come in many shapes and sizes. One of these options is a corner shower. While not as common as a standard walk-in or bathtub shower conversion, a corner shower may be exactly what you need for your next bathroom project.

GoGlass has been in the glass business for over 40 years, and our passion has yet to be dampened. We love working with unique rooms and can find suitable answers to almost any space, cost, or style issue involving glass. Corner showers are one of those answers.

More Space With A Corner Glass Shower Enclosure

A corner shower is a smart use of space. The main reason people get a corner shower is the option for more bathroom space due to a contained shower in the corner rather than in the center of your bathroom.

While the shower doesn’t have to be larger, having it in the corner frees up wall space, even if it doesn’t free up floor space. A square or triangular approach is common rather than a rectangle that takes up an entire wall. That’s why small spaces thrive with corner showers, which are sometimes the only type of shower you have room for.

Look More Spacious In Ocean City, MD

Even in bathrooms with large corner showers, the glass walls with the standard corner create an illusion of an open concept. The glass walls make it appear like your bathroom extends to the room’s corners, adding an illusion of a few extra square feet of space. This goes for any room you add glass to, so if you want to make a room look larger, consider a glass addition.

A Modern Look With Corner Shower
Doors And Enclosures

Corner showers are modern. They have a contemporary feel, especially if they are glass, yet they still look great with other traditional styles. This makes them perfect for transitioning between styles. So you can have an updated contemporary vanity and a mid-century modern tile, and the glass shower will tie them together.

Corner Shower Enclosures Are Cost-Efficient

Because you only need two panels and can put the glass on any backing, a corner shower is cost-efficient. It’s simple – you need fewer materials to make a larger shower than a shower that requires more walls.

Some glass contractors, like GoGlass, offer lifetime warranties on their installation. That’s a huge boost to the cost-efficiency of the shower because you know that you’re not out the money if something happens that falls under the warranty.

Glass For A Corner Shower Door Enclosure

Corner showers make adding glass to your shower easy. There’s a secure wall for each panel to attach to, making it safer and simpler to add glass. While brackets and buttresses secure a normal shower, it’s nice to have extra support from a wall.

A good glass contractor can work with any type of existing shower. So, a corner shower may be easy, but if the contractor knows what they’re doing, any space will be as safe as can be.

A Unique Shape For Your Shower Enclosure

If you want to add more panels to create a unique shape with your corner shower, you can. You can have a pentagon or a unique shape that you think up. If you already have a corner shower, you can replace the glass to fit it, which is easy because it is a corner shower.

Contained Puddles With A Glass Shower

While a tight seal for your glass corner shower will take care of leaks, there’s always a chance of dripping when you step out of the shower. A corner shower will keep this contained in a small area away from the center of the room. This makes them a safe alternative to other showers that have you dripping in the high-traffic area of the room.

GoGlass is the best glass company in Ocean City, MD, because we’ve been in the local area for over 40 years and we hire and train only the best and most qualified employees.. If you’re ready to switch to a corner shower or are interested in another glass project, call GoGlass today at 800-7GO-GLASS for a free estimate.