Best Features For Shower Door Enclosures

Feb 13, 2024Shower Enclosures

Features To Look For When Shopping For
Shower Door Enclosures In Ocean City

Building The Perfect Shower On
The Delmarva Peninsula

Shower door enclosures in Ocean City, MD are an awesome way to upgrade your bathroom. They bring your space into the modern world, increase accessibility, and look sleek. However, not all shower door enclosures are created equally.

There are certain features in shower door installations that take your shower to the next level at little to no extra cost. GoGlass is a glass expert, and shower doors are one of our specialties. We love to see certain features in shower door enclosures that improve the lives of homeowners on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Spotless Shower Door Enclosures

Your shower door should not stain easily with spots and streaks. It should be sleek, clear glass that doesn’t develop spots. There’s no reason shower door installation contractors shouldn’t offer Diomon-Fusion, Shower Guard, or something similar.

This basic feature lets you know your contractor has a great baseline for product quality expectations. Technology like spotless shower glass increases the popularity and benefits of glass shower doors.

The Right Thickness For A
Glass Shower Enclosure

Shower glass should be around ¼” or a little more. This is strong enough that it won’t break like ⅛” glass but thin enough that you’re not working with a heavy door that takes up more room than it’s worth.

Though the range is not set in stone as far as quality goes, it’s a good rule of thumb to go by. If your contractor goes too far outside this range, ask them why, as certain types of shower doors require a specific glass thickness.

Return Panels In A Shower Door Installation

Return panels help enclose the space perpendicular to the wall. They allow light into your shower and give you that open feel, making the space seem bigger. Free from the stifling feeling some people get from tile walls while offering a seamless look. This also allows you to complete your new project with just the glass shower enclosure, so you don’t have to pay to build an expensive wall.

Extra Support For Your Shower In Ocean City, MD

Shower doors may need extra buttresses and support to keep them in place. While a glass insert does the job well in some cases, other showers require a full installation with added support to ensure the safety of the homeowners.

Bars And Handles For Custom Shower Doors

Shower bars, towel bars, and easy-access handles are important features for some homeowners. A good contractor should offer amenities like this for your shower door installation. There’s no reason that a shower door shouldn’t have these features, even if it is glass.

You may not need these features now, but it’s never too early to add accessibility elements to your home. You’ll likely have visitors that sincerely appreciate it!

Frameless Door For Your Glass
Shower Door Enclosure

Is a frameless or framed shower better? That’s up to you because a good shower glass contractor should offer both. Shower glass doesn’t always entail that no hardware or frame is included. If you choose a shower door enclosure, a frameless option lasts longer and is easier to clean.

If you want something in the middle, a semi-frameless glass shower door is a good option. These enclosures are attractive and sleek with minimal framing and may be perfect for certain pre-installed shower setups.

Door Options For Your Glass Shower Door

Should you look for a swinging or sliding glass shower door? That’s another question that’s difficult to answer. A swinging door is popular for large bathrooms and walk-in showers. A sliding door is better for small spaces or to create a more open feel.

Sliding doors are considered features because they are rarer and work for almost any bathroom, but your bathroom setup will determine which is best for you.

Local Glass In Ocean City, MD

Sure, you can buy your shower glass from a large chain hardware store, but it is not nearly as customizable to your space and style. Choosing a company that specializes in glass is important because of the quality. You’re going to want a product that works for your bathroom and will stand the test of time.

Having been in the glass business for over 40 years, GoGlass ensures the highest quality glass for any aspect of your home! From warranties to amazing customer service, we aim to serve. If you’re worried about pricing, you may be interested in our price match. For your free quote, call GoGlass today at 800-7GO-GLASS!