Types Of Glass For Shower Enclosure

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Types Of Glass For Your Glass
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There are many types of shower door enclosures in Ocean City, MD. Each of these types of enclosures is made with a unique type of glass. The type of glass is determined by the thickness, the way the glass is made, and the specific add-ons you choose. Glass types for showers are quite different than types for windows, which require insulation features. But that doesn’t mean the type of shower glass you use doesn’t matter.

Many contractors will just install a slab of glass without allowing you the room to customize your shower door. GoGlass prefers to work with customers to create a unique spa-like shower that they can be proud of. When you get to the glass stage of designing your shower enclosure, consider the options for the type of glass you decide on.

Tempered Glass Shower Enclosure

Tempered glass is a necessity for shower doors as it is stronger and safer than regular glass. Though it isn’t impossible to break, if it does break, it shatters into relatively harmless pieces. It doesn’t crack into large and dangerous shards. There’s a reason tempered glass is called safety glass – it’s the best option for families of all sizes and age ranges.

Thickness Of Your Glass Shower Door Enclosure

Shower glass enclosures range from 5/32” to ½” thick. This range allows for great customization options. Frameless etched glass may require a different thickness than frosted framed glass. Somewhere in the middle is usually the best, but it can be difficult to see the details when making your decision. Your design consultant can help you decide which glass thickness is right for your enclosure.

Frameless Shower Door Enclosures

A frameless shower glass enclosure is a type of shower glass that allows you the sleekest design that lets in the most light. Frameless shower glass makes your bathroom look larger and is safer from cracks due to hardware malfunctions.

Semi-frameless options for shower doors are also great. They have a small frame around the edge that is easy to miss. Framed options are also a choice, but they tend to be quite thin compared to frameless options.

Pattern/Texture For Custom Shower Door Enclosures

Etched, patterned, tinted – there are a lot of ways to customize your glass shower enclosure. A rain shower glass door is a popular option that adds a rainy look that still looks chic. It’s a classic that is still trendy today.

Most people tend to lean toward crystal clear glass free from texture because it is easy to clean and opens up your bathroom to make it look larger. But the choice is up to you. A unique design for showers is always fun to work on.

Spotless Shower Door Installation

A shower glass enclosure, like everything, has a lifespan. However, there are ways to increase that lifespan substantially. One of the best things you can do for your glass shower enclosure is add a protective coating. This will help protect against water marks and scratches to the glass. There are also different types of protective layers that you can get for your specific shower.

Hardware For Your Custom Shower Door

Hardware like showerheads and faucets don’t go in the glass part of a shower enclosure. But handles, hinges, and sliding bars for sliding glass shower doors do. You can even add grab bars and other accessibility features to glass.

To do so safely, you must have a certified contractor take a look at your shower and install the new glass. They can ensure everything is done up to code and that any permits required for your project are procured beforehand.

Diamon-Fusion In Ocean City, MD

Glass treated with Diamon-Fusion is more water and oil-repellant. This makes the glass cleaner and less likely to build up hard water stains and soap scum. A professional contractor must treat your shower glass enclosure with Diamon-Fusion for best results.

If you want a fully customized piece of shower glass for your shower door enclosure in Ocean City, MD, call GoGlass today at 800-7GO-GLASS for your free quote! At GoGlass, we’re dedicated to keeping our Friendly & Fast promise and can get your new shower faster than ever!