Why Apply DFI?

Jan 27, 2023Glass Cleaning Tips, Shower Enclosures

Diamon-Fusion® Makes Your Life Easier

Keeping your shower enclosures, counter tops, windows, sinks, toilets and other surfaces around your home beautiful usually means spending time and money scrubbing with harsh cleaners. Now you can let Diamon-Fusion® put an end to all back-breaking work as well as the environmental pollution those cleaning solutions can cause.

Diamon-Fusion®’s  patented technology makes surfaces easier to clean by making them more water and oil repellent. The less water and oils stick to the surface, the less they can deposit their contents such as hard water stains, soap scum, and other waste products onto your surfaces. 

Any small amount that may stick to a Diamon-Fusion® treated surface can be easily removed with just clean water and a minimum of effort. 

Why Diamon-Fusion® ?

Beautify Your Home •  Clean Less

Homeowners around the globe have discovered DFI’s unique products to help restore, maintain and protect surfaces. Surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion® become water and oil repellent resulting in:

  • Less frequent cleanings
  • A reduction in mold and bacteria
  • Resistance to leaching of calcium and sodium (etching caused by hard water)
  • At least 20% more brilliance
  • No need for harsh chemicals cleaners
  • Eco-friendly cleaning        

Diamon-Fusion® Nanotechnology

DFI’s  patented nanotechnology can be easily installed by trained professionals on new and existing surfaces in homes, businesses, vehicles and many other surfaces.  DFI’s  nano chemistry can be applied to most surfaces containing silica (silicon dioxide) such as glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, granite and quartz. The chemical reaction bonds to form an ultra-thin protective layer of optically clear material which makes the surface significantly easier to clean and resistant to weathering.

The bond created in the patented process is a covalent bond. A covalent bond means that the coating actually shares electrons with molecules in the glass itself, thus becoming part of the glass. Covalent bonds are approximately 10-times stronger than hydrogen-bridge bonds, which are commonly used in most other water repellent coatings.            

Asset 5.png

A Closer View…


Diamon-Fusion® offers a brilliant solution in protection and performance!

STEP ONE: A chemical fills in the microscopic ridges

STEP TWO: This bonding substrate is then capped and sealed, enhancing surface smoothness

Here’s what makes patentedDiamon-Fusion® nanotechnology BETTER than the competition!



Diamon-Fusion® is good for you and for the environment. DFI treated surfaces resist staining, therefore they do not need to be cleaned as often to maintain the beauty of the surface. A reduction in the cleaning required means less water used. Conserving that water helps protect the environment and saves money today and into the future. DFI coatings are “easy-to-clean”, using only water, thus requiring no chemical cleaners.   

Protects Your Investment

Over time, hard water stains can destroy the beauty of glass, granite, tile, porcelain, and many other materials in your home by leaching minerals from these surfaces resulting in permanent damage. The surface can be perfectly clean, but this damage results in a white hazy or frosted appearance. However, if that surface is treated with Diamon-Fusion® upon installation (or soon after), this damage can be prevented. 

The secret is in DFI’s patented technology that improves and protects treated surfaces with an ultra-smooth barrier against:    

  • Hard Water Mineral Deposits
  • Environmental Pollutants
  • Weathering

The Patent Proves It!

Everyone knows that when you have a major new technology, you patent it to protect the idea. Nanotechnology is is no different. The United States Patent number for Diamon-Fusion®  is 6,245,387 and can be found on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website (www.uspto.gov).

In the sea of questionable claims about what products can do, a patent is the rock that you can rely on to ensure the technology is real. As new coatings enter the market, look to see if they are patented. DFI protective coatings reduce that work by up to 90% and eliminate those environmental pollutants.  

Diamon-Fusion International, the maker of Diamon-Fusion®, has patents or patents pending in more than 120 countries worldwide.