Considering Glass Shower Doors? Here’s Why You Should Go Glass

May 24, 2022Glass Cleaning Tips, Residential Glass, Shower Enclosures

Tempered glass, which is stronger than regular glass, is used to make glass shower doors. Doors with an effective depth of 3/8″ and glass thicknesses of 34″ and 12″ are considered stronger. So you’ve thought about getting glass shower doors. But you’re not quite sure whether to make the investment. In this blog, we discuss several reasons why you should install glass in your bathroom.

Less Mold and Mildew Growth:

Vinyl shower curtains (or curtains made of similar material) tend to accumulate the ill effects of constant water exposure, namely mold and mildew. While mold doesn’t damage your curtain, it certainly looks unattractive and can even harm your health over time.

A glass shower door is impervious to pesky mold growth. Depending on the type of glass and the style of door, you can completely avoid the hassle of cleaning gunk & grime. Additionally, your shower floor will stay cleaner longer without a bunched-up curtain causing a mess or acting as a breeding ground for mold.

Easy Maintenance:

Glass doors won’t stay crystal clear forever. However, keeping them clean and clear requires little effort. If you use soft water, you’ll be able to avoid nearly all forms of maintenance on it. If you shower with hard water, you can periodically remove hard water stains on the glass easily.

For frameless doors, simply run a sponge across the surface, and then wipe off remaining water with a clean microfiber rag. If you opt for framed or semi-frameless doors, make sure to add in the extra step of wiping down metal areas. This cleanup process only lasts a few minutes and only needs to be done every few days.

Improved Home Value:

You might plan on moving within the next few years, and to make your home more appealing, you want to upgrade a few appliances or remodel a room. But even if you’re staying for good, it never hurts to add glass doors to your shower. Frosted or clear glass walls and doors instantly add a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom.

Family members, friends, and prospective home buyers will take notice of your bathroom when they see bold or vintage glass door setups in the bathroom. Plus, as a homeowner, you won’t have to feel embarrassed when you show your guests the bathroom. Rather, you’ll be eager to introduce them to a luxurious shower scene.

And remember, even though the initial cost to install glass doors can be high, your investment will surely pay off than in the long run.

Strength and Durability:

You might shy away from choosing glass shower doors out of fear they’ll crack or shatter. But when you trust a reliable glass manufacturing company, your shower will be outfitted with strong, tempered glass material. Tempered glass is constructed through rigorous thermal treatments, and if it breaks, it separates into tiny grain-shaped pieces rather than large shards that can do real damage.

In the event that your shower door breaks, you’ll be left with a safer, less frustrating. However, most glass shower enclosures last decades and come with lifetime guarantees.

Open and Bright Space:

When you enter your bathroom, you want to wind down and relax. You don’t want to feel claustrophobic or see any clutter. A bathroom without glasswork might feel more closed in. On the other hand, a bathroom equipped with glass shower doors has a more open and inviting quality.

The glass surrounding your shower can make your small bathroom appear larger. In addition, the glass will help to reflect more light along with your mirrors, lending a brighter touch to the atmosphere. Glass shower doors will help you feel more at ease.

Showcase for Your Style:

Have you thought about redoing your shower floors or walls? If you’re tired of a cramped stand-in shower spot or an outdated shower tub, you’ve probably considered adding tile, stone, or porcelain to spruce your shower up. When you install glass shower doors, you can always view your stylish additions, inside or out of the shower.

Whether you have a pleasant blue theme or an edgy black one, a glass shower door doesn’t hamper your chance to take in the personal style that makes your bathroom pop.

Ready to Make Your Decision?

The list above constitutes some of the most appealing benefits of glass shower doors. Use these tips to help your decision to buy a new glass shower enclosure. Your trusted glass company MrGoGlass can walk you through every step of the way, from choosing a design to providing expert installation.