Make Your Bathroom Look Larger With A Custom Shower Door

Jun 14, 2024Shower Enclosures

Make The Most Of A Small Bathroom With A
New Shower Enclosure In Ocean View, DE

How To Maximize Space And Make Your Bathroom
Look Larger With Your Custom Shower Door

Shower door enclosures in Ocean View, DE work for large and small bathrooms alike, but the particulars of the door may change depending on the size of your bathroom. A large bathroom looks great with swinging doors and any type of frame.

However, small bathrooms may benefit the most from a new glass shower door enclosure. GoGlass is the number one glass expert on the Delmarva Peninsula. We install shower door enclosures for a variety of reasons, but one of our favorites is to help maximize a bathroom’s space.

A Frameless Glass Shower Door
Enclosure Opens Up Space

A frameless shower door will have the greatest effect on the apparent size of your bathroom. A framed door will box off your shower and add clutter. The framed look works for larger bathrooms, but it isn’t recommended for smaller ones that look better with the seamless flow that a frameless door offers.

If you’re not sold on a frameless shower door, consider a semi-frameless one. These doors are nearly as seamless as frameless doors but offer a sleek, minimal frame. Luckily, the frame is thinner and may not border the entire door.

Sliding Shower Door Enclosures Are
Best For Small Bathrooms

A swinging shower door is an excellent choice for large bathrooms with plenty of floor space. But a sliding door is beneficial for small bathrooms as it takes up less room. A sliding shower door doesn’t require any floor space, so you may notice your entire bathroom feeling less congested if you transition from a swinging door.

A swinging door may be better if your shower is small, but you have floor space. Sliding doors require a larger shower opening, so if you have a small, boxed-in shower, consider swinging doors instead.

Spot-Resistant Custom Shower Doors Are
Ideal On The Delmarva Peninsula

A dirty shower door or even a frosted one may close off your shower and make your bathroom look smaller. Crystal clear, easy-to-clean door glass is best because it ensures optimal flow in your bathroom.

At GoGlass, we install exceptional glass shower doors made of tempered glass and treated to be spot-resistant. Though we love etching and tinted glass, clear glass without any design treatments works best for small bathrooms.

Choose Light-Colored Hardware For
Shower Doors And Enclosures

Though black and bronze hardware looks amazing in a larger bathroom, lighter colors like silver or brushed nickel will pay off if you want your bathroom to appear larger. Light colors open spaces up and create a seamless look, while dark colors draw contrasting lines that frame your bathroom and make the space feel closed off.

The only exception is if your tile and walls are dark. In that case, darker colors may blend in better and make your bathroom look bigger.

A Corner Shower Saves The Most Space

Corner showers are a wonderful way to save space – not just merely make your bathroom look like it has more space. You can utilize your shower space by installing a corner shower door enclosure, which often pays off with extra walking room.

Sometimes, putting your shower in the corner doesn’t even result in a loss of shower space. You may be able to keep your shower the same size while granting you more walking space, as you don’t have that extra shower partition to walk around.

Bring It All Together With Finishing
Touches In Ocean View, DE

While planning a shower door enclosure on the Delmarva Peninsula, consider other glass projects that make your bathroom look bigger. A custom mirror is a beautiful way to reflect space, making your bathroom appear twice as large.

Other projects include glass shelving, perfect for replacing bulky shelves that take up too much space, and new windows, which let more light in. Casting light on the shadows of your bathroom is a surefire way to make it appear larger.

For Premium Shower Door Enclosures In
Ocean View, Come To GoGlass

GoGlass installs all kinds of glass, like shower door enclosures, in Ocean View, DE. Our custom shower doors are designed to fit your bathroom the way you want them to.

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