Choosing A Shower Door Enclosure

Jun 10, 2024Shower Enclosures

Choosing A New Glass Shower Door
Enclosure In Ocean View, DE

Considerations For Your Custom
Shower Door Project

When customizing shower door enclosures in Ocean View, DE, you have many choices. The frame, type of glass, and hardware you choose affect the overall aesthetics of your door. Other considerations, such as accessibility and bathroom size, are more targeted and are only relevant for certain projects.

GoGlass provides beautiful shower door enclosures on the Delmarva Peninsula. When we begin a project, we consider many details to ensure your shower door turns out exactly how you want it to – or even better.

To do this, we work with homeowners to consider a few critical factors that may affect their project.

Increase Home Value With A Shower Door Enclosure

The right shower door enclosure can add value to your home. The safest option is a frameless enclosure with minimal hardware. When you choose a frameless door, you let in more light, make your bathroom look larger, and showcase your shower remodel.

However, your glass company and realtor can tell you more about what is selling best in your region. For example, accessibility features may be in high demand in retirement neighborhoods.

Consider Accessibility Features For
Your Custom Shower Doors

Accessibility options for your custom shower door include ADA-compliant grab bars, handheld showerheads, and an easy-to-reach handle. The entrance for the shower should be at least 32” wide in most cases.

For maximum accessibility, It’s also essential in some showers that there is no threshold. Showers without a swinging shower door are easy to design without a threshold.

At GoGlass, we are happy to offer an inclusive shower space with our custom shower doors. That’s why we provide hardware options that help you make the most of your shower door enclosure. We can work with any family to find the best combination for their home.

Take Note Of Your Available Bathroom Space
Before A Shower Door Installation

There are two primary door types for your shower: swinging and sliding. A sliding shower door is your best bet if you don’t have much floor space.

But if your shower opening is small, a swinging door may be the only option. Sliding and swinging doors are gorgeous and functional, but your options may be limited depending on the size of your shower opening and bathroom.

At GoGlass, we can help you find the right option to suit your needs.

Customize Your Glass Shower Door Enclosure

Crystal-clear glass looks impressive, but feel free to branch out and try something new. At GoGlass, we offer etching, tinting, and frosted options for shower glass. These are all unique and customizable.

  • Tinting is the process of coloring the glass while it remains transparent.
  • Etching refers to embossing the glass with a custom design that appears white.
  • Frosted glass is similar to etching but covers the entire panel to give you more privacy.

The Right Framing For Your Custom Shower Door

Not long ago, there was only one type of shower door – framed. But now there are more options, giving you the opportunity for a more customized shower door.

There are now three framing options for shower doors: framed, frameless, and semi-frameless. Each is functional, beautiful, and has unique benefits.

  • Framed: a bordered door that is stable, traditional, and watertight.
  • Frameless: a sleek and seamless door that is made with extra durable glass.
  • Semi-Frameless: the best of both worlds with a thin, seamless frame.

Choosing The Right Hardware Finish
For Your Shower Door Installation

Most homeowners match their new shower door hardware to the rest of their bathroom hardware. For example, consider using silver for your shower door hinges and handles if your sink faucet is silver.

However, mixing and matching can be fun if you want an eclectic look. Feel free to choose gold, bronze, or even black for your shower door, regardless of the color of your sink or cabinet hardware.

GoGlass: Ocean View’s Top Choice For
Beautiful Shower Door Enclosures

GoGlass is a shower door enclosure expert in Ocean View, DE. Our glass services are vast, and we consistently achieve incredible results when transforming bathrooms in Delmarva.

If you want to learn more about our shower door enclosures, call us today at 800-746-4527 for your free quote.