Sliding Shower Doors Vs. Hinged Shower Doors

Jun 3, 2024Shower Enclosures

What Are The Differences Between
Hinged And Sliding Shower Door
Enclosures In Ocean View, DE?

Choosing The Best Custom Shower
Door For Your Bathroom

Shower door enclosures in Ocean View, DE come in many types, such as hinged doors and sliding doors. There are many similarities between the two doors, such as the hardware options and their lifespan. But there are also many differences.

The differences in the two types of shower doors may help you decide which is right for you. GoGlass installs glass shower door enclosures on the Delmarva Peninsula, and we offer both types, allowing you to customize your project fully.

Over the years, we’ve noticed the most significant differences between hinged and sliding doors that help people find the best shower door for their bathroom.

Basics Of A Hinged Shower Door Vs. Sliding Shower Door

The biggest difference between a hinged shower door and a sliding shower door is how they mount and open. This alone may let you know which shower door enclosure is right for you.

Hinged Door

A hinged shower door is mounted to the wall with hinges and swings out like an entry or bathroom door. It is the most common type of shower door and is often referred to as a swinging shower door.

Sliding Door

A sliding shower door is mounted on a track and slides behind a stationary panel or second sliding door rather than swinging out. It opens like a sliding glass door for a patio.

Your Bathroom Size Matters When Choosing
A Shower Door Enclosure In Ocean View

The size of your bathroom and shower matter because you need to ensure the shower door opens properly. A hinged door works best for larger bathrooms, while a sliding door is better for smaller bathrooms.

Hinged Door

A swinging door requires space with a radius as wide as the door around your shower. It can also be installed on a single-door width shower as you don’t need extra panels or a large track.

Sliding Door

A sliding door works better for smaller bathrooms because it doesn’t need space in front of the shower. But if you have an expansive shower, the sliding door is a good choice because it can span wider spaces.

A Shower Door Enclosure For A Tub-Shower Combo

Both sliding and hinged doors work great for tub-shower combos, but the door you choose may affect the installation. A tub-shower combo requires extra maintenance, so choosing the right door is important.

Hinged Door

If you choose a hinged door for your tub-shower combo, you may need to install double doors or add a stationary glass panel. Bathtubs are longer than most showers, so you may need to cover extra ground.

Sliding Door

Sliding doors are naturally wider because they require an extra door or panel for the track. So they work amazingly well for tub-shower combos, though a track may need to be installed on the side of the tub.

Accessibility For Your Glass Shower Door Enclosure

Accessibility is important whether you have family members who require it or you are aging in place. A shower can pose many issues if it is not installed with inclusivity in mind.

Hinged Door

Hinged doors are sometimes better for taller individuals as they don’t require a header. They are also easier to open in most cases but leave less room for someone to push a wheelchair through.

Sliding Door

A sliding door allows you to open it wider, but there mustn’t be a track to step over on the floor, as the track could cause falls. If you choose a sliding door, consider options that are easy to slide open yet don’t have floor tracks.

Expert Shower Door Installations On The Delmarva Peninsula

An improper installation can cause many issues, such as a door that won’t stay open or closed. This can be annoying and, in some cases, dangerous if excess water puddles on the bathroom floor.

Hinged Door

A hinged door is easy to install, but it still requires an expert to ensure a tight seal and level installation. A crooked door may open on its own or refuse to stay closed, allowing water to flow out.

Sliding Door

Installation for a sliding door is a bit trickier than that for a hinged door, but that is only relevant if your glass team isn’t qualified. The track can pose serious problems, such as the door not opening, but a certified team of glass experts can ensure top-quality results.

GoGlass installs shower door enclosures in Ocean View, DE that are easy to clean, customize, and keep for decades. If you’re ready to personalize your glass shower door, call us today at 800-746-4527 for a free quote.