Subcontractors Might Not Meet Our Standards

Feb 14, 2024Identity

You Can Trust Our Workers’ Expertise Since
We Hire Only The Finest Applicants

We Never Use Subcontractors Since
They Might Not Meet Our Standards

When you’re looking for an exceptional glass company in the Delmarva Peninsula, you just can’t do better than to work with us at GoGlass. You’re practically guaranteed a smooth process, affordable rates, and a satisfying outcome.

Our glass technicians know auto, commercial, and residential glass backward, forward, and inside out. They’re also trained to offer the friendliest service and comprehensive customer care. Your glass comes out gleaming, working right, and ready to offer many more years of trouble-free performance.

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What Makes Our Team So Awesome?

We hire only the best. Whether it’s glass installation, record keeping, customer service, or project management, everyone on our staff is outstanding in their field.

Our recruiting process is extensive and thorough. It takes us considerable time and effort to decide who to invite onto our team. We consider everything about them, including their work history, abilities, and personalities.

Moreover, we always hire our team members. We never use subcontractors since subcontractors might not meet our exacting standards.

As a result, our team provides customers with blue-ribbon service and results. We’re sure we’ll meet – or hopefully exceed – all your expectations, whether we’re installing commercial, residential, or auto glass.

Let’s take a closer look.

Hiring Only The Best

Our hiring process consists of several rounds of rigorous and meticulous interviews. We run background checks on every candidate and examine each applicant’s skills, training, knowledge, and experience.

During interviews, each candidate must undergo a checklist of questions to ensure they meet our high standards for experience, knowledge, and interpersonal skills.

We don’t just want skillful, experienced glass installers. We want people who are passionate about their work and have friendly, outgoing personalities.

And then we train them thoroughly. Our installers learn how to work with different types of glass, while our project managers learn best practices in task management, collaboration, and problem-solving. Plus, our sales professionals learn to help you select precisely the right windows for your home.

During your project, you’re guaranteed to interact with one or more of our top-notch workers, chosen for their amiability, social skills, competence, and willingness to help.

No Subcontractors – Only Full-Time Employees

Businesses often choose contract workers to fill vacancies quickly. Since subcontractors are often only temporary, such businesses may not invest much time or effort in training their temps.

That’s never the case with us. We’re constantly on the lookout for quality hires so we never face a sudden worker shortage. We don’t have to hire contractors or subcontractors – we always hire our staff directly.

We don’t seek effortless staffing solutions.

Instead, we want you to have access to the finest, friendliest glass installers possible. We cast our net wide, select only the top candidates, hire them, and put them through rigorous training in our award-winning methods.

We hope you’ll want to work with a Delmarva glass company that is utterly conscientious about the training and hiring of our staff. If so, contact GoGlass today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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