How to Deal with Residential Foggy Windows? And What Are The Ways to Fix It?

Mar 7, 2022Residential Glass

Would you prefer to get away with foggy glass panes of your windows? Keep reading this blog and learn more about the best window repair service in various areas of Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland.

Imagine enjoying beautiful rainy weather & having a cup of coffee with a soothing view outside with chirping birds, bushes & raindrops gathered on the window edges. Meanwhile, your wonderful & peaceful vision outside the window is blurred and blocked because of foggy window glasses. Fog quietly moves into your window panels and obstructs the outside view.

Have you had any such experience with foggy windows? Luckily, it’s time to get rid of your hazy & misty view and invest in the best foggy window repair service around!

Why do you need window repairs for foggy panes and the reason behind it?

When the internal temperature of the home differs from the external temperature, fog formation interacts strongly within your glass windows. If the temperature outside is lower than the temperature inside, moisture develops on the glasses, resulting in foggy windows. In this case, to ensure a long lifespan of the glass panes, window glass repair is necessary.

On the other hand, on a bright sunny day, when the room temperature is less than the external temperature because of air conditioning, moisture starts to form on the internal glass windows. The moisture content and fog on the outer and inner glass surfaces indicate a lack of sufficient window insulation. Again, here comes the requirement for window glass repair.

Due to insufficient insulation, the fog is settled between glass panes, allowing the moisture to sneak into the seal. As a result, your windows get damaged, and the external view gets obstructed. Additionally, with poor insulation, there is a reduction in energy and the performance of your windows. It also allows cold or hot air to escape or break into your home and make the insulation weak.

Here’s what you can do to treat your foggy window glasses:

 1. Repair or Replace your old windows with Double or Triple Panes:

So, the best way to keep your windows from fogging up is to use Double or Triple pane windows. To ensure proper foggy glass repairs and improve the energy efficiency of your windows, apply extra glass sheets & paint coats to your windows. These methods will lessen the formation of fog on the glass windows. It will also save your money on extra utility costs all year.

 2. Make Insulated Glass Windows your best Investment:

To replace or repair your current glass windows with strong & insulated glass windows, find a trustworthy foggy window repair and replacement service near you. Double/Triple glass panes separated by a sealed air chamber ensures effective seal lock. A metal tube applied around the edge of the insulated glass is somewhat thick and comprises a moisture-absorbing substance. Until this type of insulation starts to wear off, you can get rid of foggy glasses & enjoy every weather you want from your internal space.

If you’re trying to find a professional and experienced residential window repair or replacement company, contact MrGoGlass Corporation today!