Which Types of Patio Door Replacement is Best for You?

Apr 1, 2022Residential Glass

Patio doors made of wood are a great addition to any home or outdoor space. Although they are relatively simple to manage, they do necessitate regular upkeep. Most homeowners with patio doors face problems like damage to the wood, poor open & shut process, stiff or leaky doors, etc. GoGlass Corporation assists you when there is a need for a professional patio door repair or replacement. Most agencies would immediately consider removing the whole frame and the door itself, which can cost you extra, so we prefer to check on all available options until selecting any particular course of action. By doing so, we maintain the glory of the old wooden patio door and also save extra repair costs.

Whether you need a front door, rear door, or patio door repair, our team of talented technicians can do these necessary door repairs swiftly and with minimal disturbance. We provide our clients with the high-quality assurance of our services by combining our years of industry knowledge with the finest products. Our patio door repair services involve:

Sliding Patio Doors:

Sliding doors that do not open & close smoothly could become old-fashioned and worthless if not replaced immediately. In most instances, any issue with a wooden patio sliding door is simple to resolve. The problem is generally as simple as cleaning & lubricating the rails, or the door has progressively aged. Nevertheless, the most typical worry we hear from the clients is about the derailed rollers. Sticky doors are the result of dirty, torn or broken rollers. Whatever the condition is, our technicians are exceptionally skilled in providing quick sliding patio door repair.

French Patio Doors:

We love French doors, so you can be sure we will do everything to help preserve those to their original state. There are challenges with French doors like weather changes and everyday wear & tear. If your house belongs to a humid climate, you may encounter leaks, which cause warping and bending. It is critical to address it as quickly as possible! Misalignment is most likely to be blamed for your doors not closing. Such doors can trip out of their rails over time – particularly when you slam doors while closing. Anyone could assume to do this by themselves, but we recommend a professional repairing agency to make the job easy and done effectively.

Screen Patio Doors:

If the sliders are in good condition, there is no need to repair them; only the screens need replacement with the screen patio doors. Due to different weather conditions, you may discover ruptures, holes, or fractures in your screen and an altogether faded appearance that you wish to update. The skilled team at GoGlass will check the problem on-site and provide you with analysis & the best potential fix.

Rotten Wooden Doors:

The most concerning and common issue with wooden patio doors is corrosion in the pillars and frames. If heavy rains are frequent in the place you live, one should take precautions to keep the water away from entering through the doors. Even if that’s not the situation, leaking is a genuine problem to solve swiftly and professionally. Water leaks and warmth from the sun are ideal conditions for the growth of rot fungus. The outspread of fungus on the frame and windows affects the aesthetic appearance of the structure. We frequently opt to repair items at GoGlass Corporation by replacing broken and rotting wood doors.

GoGlass is the company to call if you want your residential door job done correctly. We can help you with new patio door repair & replacement; and also with the installation of sliding or folding patio doors. Visit our window and patio door replacement page and learn more about the process of repairs or replacements for your patio door & windows.