3 Types of Glass Window Frames: Which Suits You Best?

Feb 16, 2022Residential Glass

Replacing all of your home windows at once appears to be the most sensible method for window replacement. Although, there are also some considerations to keep in mind before finalizing the choice. Choosing a reliable residential glass service is a large undertaking that considers your budget, the timeline of the project, and remodeling goals into account. So go over some of the best alternatives to see which one is ideal for you.

Window replacement often attracts homeowners who desire to get an improved appeal, noise control, and energy conservation. In this case, modern windows provide all these advantages while enhancing the comfort and value of your property.

As replacing windows in your house on your own can be expensive, you may be curious to know if it is feasible to get the detailed procedure or instead have your windows fixed by professionals. This can be a cost-effective alternative in many cases, but there are circumstances when it is essential and a correct decision to spend on residential window replacement.

Remove the Broken Window Glass:

When you remove the frame, it is frequently easier to fix the glass. This way you can lay down the window flat and replace it. When the window is broad, it is necessary to enlist professional assistance. Carefully remove broken glass and thoroughly clean the area surrounding the window frame. While you determine how to replace glass, keep in mind that you don’t have to dismantle the entire window. Glass in old double-pane windows can be fixed while still, the window is in the frame. Remove the previous glazing by first loosening it and then carefully removing the glass fragments.

Glass Measurements:

Before you replace broken window glass measure the height, width, and spacing of your window-pane, along with the thickness of the existing glass. Window Glasses can be ordered at most home improvement stores. You can also get a large glass sheet and trim it to the required measure.

This handbook covers types of residential glass replacement – wood-frame windows, vinyl-frame windows, and aluminum-frame windows.

1. Window Glass in Wooden Frame:

After you’ve removed the broken glass, you’ll need to prepare the frame for re-glazing:

  • Clean away any trash and debris on & within the wooden frame window with a wire brush.
  • When using conventional glazing, use a heat gun to soften the previous compound, be cautious not to burn the wood.
  • Use a putty knife, scratch away softened substances.
  • Loosen the metal glazing hooks from the channels in the frame that hold the glass.
  • Let the raw wood dry after applying a sealant. Instead, use a tiny brush to coat linseed oil to the wood surrounding the frame of older wood windows. Allow the oil to absorb. This will boost the efficiency of the glazing.

2. Window Glass in Aluminum Frame:

Most aluminum windows, on the other hand, maybe fixed without frame-lift:

  • Wear cut-resistant gloves and eye protection.
  • Carefully remove the vinyl sheet from the aluminum window frame. Begin by inserting a flat-head screw or the edge of a craft knife beneath the sheet.
  • Manually remove the rest of the strip. If the panels intersect, you will need to remove them in the following sequence: side panels first, then top panels next, and in last bottom panels.
  • Replace old & damaged panels with fresh vinyl strips. Remove old silicone exposed glass, shattered pieces of glass from the panels, and clean the frame channels.
  • Determine the right measurement of the replacement glass. Let the glass dry fit into the frame before sealing it in. Make sure to seal from top to bottom and side to side.
  • Apply silicone adhesive to the back of the aluminum frame. Hold the glass for a few minutes to set it in place. Leave the silicone to dry for a minute. 

3. Window Glass in Vinyl Frame:

Window glass replacement in vinyl windows is easier when the frame is removed and placed flat. While the procedure is similar to the replacement of an aluminum window pane; the only thing the glass needs are to be purchased from a professional glass manufacturer.

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