5 Explicit Car Windshield Replacement Aftercare Tips

Feb 4, 2022Auto Glass

After a significant breakage or severe damage to the glass, a windshield replacement is very much necessary for your car. There are various procedures to follow while glass installation to guarantee the replacement to last for a long time. In this article GoGlass Corporation share some aftercare tips for car windshield replacement with particular advice offered by your professional glass repair company.

How to Take Care of a Windshield Replacement?

Wait before Driving: 

During car windshield installation, experts technicians use a weatherproof & water-resistant solution to secure the glass. To ensure the seal sets properly, prevent jiggling the pane. Usually, mechanics advise waiting at least an hour post the replacement before driving the car.

Clean Surrounding:

If you don’t want external things to tamper the seal as it dries, try to maintain a clean dashboard and reduce the use of sunshade or outer cover at least for 48 hours.

Retain the Adhesive Tape in Place:

Even though the retention tape is unattractive, it keeps the windshield in position and protects the seal from moisture; while the glue hardens. Carefully remove taps of the newly installed windshield after two days.

Avoid Power Washers or Car Washers:

It is necessary to protect new windshield installations from damages until the glue dries. After a few days of installation, avoid using automatic car washes, high-pressure vehicle washes, or power washers; because the force from these machines weakens the seal. If there is a need for a car wash, a simple hand wash is enough. It may slow down the cleaning process, but it is safe for the new glass to remain intact.

Be Cautious:

After the car windshield replacement, be careful with the door, instead of shutting it hard, close the doors softly. Also, avoid bumps and potholes while driving on the roads.

It is not difficult to keep the new windshield replacement in an excellent state! With a bit of extra care and effort, you can reduce the necessity of costly repairs in the future and increase the lifespan of your auto glass. Visit a car glass repair near you, that has the best professionals who understand the problem and serve you with the best available car glass replacement services.