Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Glass Replacement

May 3, 2024Windows

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Window Glass
Replacement In Bethany Beach, DE

Hiring A Professional To Replace Window
Glass Is More Beneficial Long Term

Window glass replacement in Bethany Beach, DE is something that may be tempting to DIY, but the risk generally outweighs the benefits. If you have broken window glass that needs to be replaced, it’s important that the issue is addressed as soon as possible to avoid the risk of injury or decreased functionality of your home.

Though replacing the glass on your own is doable, it does not come without risks, which is why hiring a professional is highly recommended. GoGlass has seen our fair share of accidents due to DIY home window glass replacements, so we’re here to try to prevent them.

Risk Of Injury When Replacing Broken Window Glass

The biggest risk of replacing broken window glass is injury. Broken glass of any type is risky to work with as it can lead to cuts. If you have pets or children, the risk is increased.

That’s why it’s better to hire someone to replace a broken window. If for no other reason, it’s definitely worth hiring a professional to avoid injury.

Exposure To Asbestos And More During Home Improvement

Whether you’re removing paint or replacing broken glass, it’s important that you take proper precautions. But even then, most homeowners are not trained to deal with harmful compounds like asbestos.

It’s possible there is lead paint on the windowsill or transition-metal oxides in the glass. These can lead to respiratory issues as well as other side effects.

At GoGlass, if we find any type of hazardous compound, we recommend replacing the frame and the glass, which we can do for you.

Replacing Window Glass Alone Can Cause More Problems

It’s possible that replacing window glass on your own will cause more problems or even worsen the issue you’re trying to fix. A good seal and the right type of glass are mandatory for an energy-efficient window. Replacing your own window can even damage the frame or lead to an insecure placement due to mis sized glass.

When a home improvement company replaces your window glass, they take measures to ensure the security of your home. This includes using impact-resistant glass, ensuring a tight seal, and securing the window in the frame so that it won’t release under pressure.

It takes years of training to replace glass in a way that improves security. While energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal are something we learn early on, it takes a seasoned glass veteran to ensure optimal security.

You May Not Have The Right Tools
For Replacement Window Glass

A proper glass replacement requires the right tools for the job. You can’t use a standard toolset to safely remove broken glass or insert a new unit into your window frame. Professional glass replacement companies have specialized, expensive tools that help get the job done in the most efficient and safe way possible.

An Expensive Mistake Is Left To You
During A DIY Glass Replacement

If you hire a professional to replace your window glass and they break the pane, they will pay for it. But if you do it on your own and you break something, that cost falls to you. So not only are you out the money for the initial cost of the glass, but you may pay full price again if you slip up.

Missed Issues Are Common During
DIY Window Glass Replacements

Even if you don’t cause any issues by doing the replacement on your own, you could miss something important in the frame or under the sill. If wood rot or mold is left unchecked, it may spread to crucial, load-bearing sections of your home.

A window replacement company will keep this in mind when replacing your window glass and check for any issues that may worsen. If there are deeper issues, they’ll do a full window replacement.

DIY Replacement Glass Voids The
Warranty In Bethany Beach, DE

If you do a DIY home remodeling project, most of the time, it voids the warranty of the products you use. Warranties for windows or glass typically only cover professional replacements. So unless you have proof that a professional did the replacement, you may void the warranty entirely.

GoGlass replaces window glass with Infinity Units assembled at our facility. These units come with a lifetime warranty. If you want a professional window glass replacement in Bethany Beach, DE, get in touch with GoGlass today for your free quote.