Steps Of A Windshield Replacement

May 4, 2024Auto Glass, Windows

Steps Of A Windshield Replacement
For Your Car In Ocean View, DE

What Happens During A Car Windshield
Replacement Service

The steps for a windshield replacement in Ocean View, DE may not take long, but every step is an important part of the process. At GoGlass, we even add extra steps that other companies may not because we always go that extra mile.

Because we’re so well-known for our excellent residential glass replacements, many customers aren’t aware that we also replace windshields. We do so with the same expertise that we handle your windows and shower door enclosures.

While we are detail-oriented, we are also efficient. The entire process takes about two hours, so we can have your car up and running quickly. Our quality and efficiency are why we’re the number one choice for glass replacements on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Step 1: Inspection For Auto Glass Repair Or Replacement

An inspection by our certified team helps us determine whether you need a repair or replacement. A repair may save you money, but it’s difficult to tell which option is better until after the inspection. Either way, we carefully execute every detail to ensure optimal results.

Every GoGlass Auto Glass Technician is certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council. That’s one of the main conditions for employment in our company’s auto department. The certification lets you and us know that they are trained, skilled, and professional.

Step 2: Remove Old Glass For The Windshield Replacement

We use special tools to remove the windshield to keep your car clean and safe. A replacement can be dangerous if not executed properly, but your car is in great hands with our team.

Step 3: Prepare The Glass Window Replacement

Before inserting the new glass, we ensure it is clean and the moldings are set. If there is debris or residue along the edges of the glass, it won’t adhere properly to the adhesive and becomes in danger of loosening down the road. We take great care to check everything we need to off the list before inserting the glass.

Step 4: Apply Adhesive To The Frame
For Your Auto Glass Replacement

The adhesive we use is powerful and, once dried, can withstand extensive pressure. We apply it to the frame all the way around. We use rather fast-drying adhesive, so we don’t apply it until the windshield is ready to go in.

Step 5: Insert The New Windshield Replacement

We always use at least a two-person team to insert the new glass and ensure it is perfectly set in place and aligned properly. Once it looks perfect, your car is nearly ready to go, but we have someone closely monitor it to ensure everything looks good while drying.

Step 6: Wait For Your Car Window Glass Replacement

Depending on the weather, we wait an hour for the adhesive to dry. The resin may take longer to cure if it’s rainy or extra humid. Our shop is climate-controlled, but it’s best not to take the car outside until the adhesive is dry and can stay dry for a bit.

Step 7: Auto Glass Replacement Setup

After the adhesive is dry, we replace any decals, permits, and registration stickers that were on the old windshield. We remove the curing tape and clean the windshield well, ensuring no residue remains.

Step 8: Calibration For Your Windshield Replacement

At GoGlass, we add an extra step: ADAS calibration. Many modern cars have an ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance System. The system works with the car’s computers and communicates with the windshield.

After we install a new windshield, we ensure that everything is calibrated. We perform one of two calibration tests, depending on the make and model of your car. The test involves either calibrating sensors and cameras or a fixed marker.

GoGlass is the leading glass windshield replacement company in Ocean View, DE. We have an incredible shop where we replace your glass to ensure it is as good as new. Call us today at 800-746-4527 for a free estimate.