Importance Of A Car Windshield

May 6, 2024Auto Glass

The Important Job Of A Car Windshield
In Ocean View, DE: Why A Windshield
Replacement Should Not Be Delayed

Auto Glass Replacement Ensures Your
Windshield Can Do Its Job Well

A windshield replacement in Ocean View, DE is more than just about fixing broken glass. Windshields that aren’t in the best shape pose many dangers because this glass has several important jobs to do.

Our company is known for exceptional residential glass replacements and custom infinity glass units, but our auto glass installations are just as high-quality. Our certified team is here to take care of your windshield replacement or repair.

GoGlass installs windshield glass on the Delmarva Peninsula with exceptional care. Every auto team member is certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council, so you know that your windshield will be installed and calibrated to work exactly as it should.

ADAS Works With Your Car Windshield Replacement

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance System and is found in many modern cars. The technology refers to the computer system and the communication it requires with the car windows. Because of ADAS, a properly installed car windshield is more important than ever.

The system must be calibrated with the windshield to do its job. These critical tasks include taking over in emergencies, using the environmental data to make necessary adaptions, and alerting you of dangers. To ensure optimal performance, the system and the windshield work together to protect you and your passengers.

A Quality Windshield Replacement Helps
Keep Your Roof From Caving In

One of the most important jobs of a windshield is to keep your roof from crushing during a rollover. If the windshield is weak or cracked, it may not keep the roof up, leaving nothing between your seats and the car’s roof.

It’s also essential that a certified team of experts replace the windshield. A faulty replacement may cause the windshield to pop out or crack under pressure during times when a strong windshield will stay in place. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the quality of glass your team uses.

Strong Car Window Replacements Act As
A Backboard For The Passenger Airbag

The windshield is a barrier that helps your passenger’s airbag work properly. When the airbag triggers, it pops out and hits the windshield, propelling the bag toward your passenger. Though the driver’s side works differently, the passenger’s side needs a barrier for best results.

Without the windshield, most of the airbag may be sent forward, leaving little to no cushion for your passenger.

Your Auto Glass Replacement Keeps You Inside The Vehicle

Your seatbelt and windshield are the two most important ways to keep you inside your car during an accident. Without a windshield, there is no barrier to stop you. While the glass can break during an accident, a windshield is a shield that may help protect you.

Wind Protection Is A Major Job Of
A Car Windshield Replacement

One of the main everyday jobs of a car windshield is to protect you from wind. The speed of your car greatly affects the pressure from the wind. While the pressure on the car’s sides is relatively low, the strong wind pressure from the front could be detrimental without a windshield.

A Windshield Replacement Helps
With Protection From Debris

If your car windshield has holes, debris may enter the car. Everything you see or hear hitting your windshield could be hitting you instead. Whether it’s sticks, insects, or bird droppings, debris can be quite dangerous at high speeds.

Imagine if you didn’t have a windshield at all! That sight lets you know the importance of even the passive job of a windshield.

An Auto Glass Repair Helps With Aerodynamics

A car’s aerodynamics help it travel at high speeds safely and efficiently safely. The shape of the car affects its aerodynamics, but without a windshield, it loses all of this efficiency. On the surface, fuel efficiency and acceleration are affected. But more importantly, handling and stability are greatly affected by aerodynamics.

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