Does Weather Affect Windshield Replacements?

May 7, 2024Auto Glass, Windows

How The Weather Affects Windshield
Replacements In Ocean View, DE

The Elements Have An Effect On
Auto Glass Replacements

A quality windshield replacement in Ocean View, DE requires an expert team. The best companies can work under many conditions, but the weather will often affect your windshield during or after a replacement. The exact effects depend on the type of weather.

GoGlass is your local glass expert on the Delmarva Peninsula. Our windshield replacements are exceptional, and we always take the weather into account when repairing or replacing your auto glass.

Cold Weather Is The Biggest Issue
For Windshield Replacements

Cold weather can have a big effect on windshield replacements. The adhesive we use during a windshield replacement is meant to be used during warm weather, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work well during the winter.

When the weather is cold, the resin takes longer to cure properly, so you have to be more careful after the replacement. However, when you hire a professional like GoGlass, we can significantly speed this up by controlling our shop’s temperature and using special lights, which get you back on the road quickly and safely!

High Humidity And Condensation May Affect
The Auto Glass Repair Cure Time

Whether it’s a hot, humid day or a cold one with extra condensation risk, the air’s moisture affects windshield replacements. The surface of the windshield must be completely dry before we replace your windshield.

No matter the weather, we ensure your car is dry so the resin can cure optimally by replacing your windshield in our climate-controlled facility. If an installation team doesn’t, moisture may even get trapped between the frame and the new glass, causing issues later as the glass loosens.

A Rainy Day Makes Auto Glass Services More Difficult

A rainy day is worse than a humid day in terms of moisture-causing problems. However, it’s much easier to control the moisture inside if it’s not necessarily humid out, especially when you have a climate-controlled shop.

The most important part of any windshield replacement is a team that does it well. Ensure you hire an experienced team that knows glass well for the best results. At GoGlass, we dry off the car extremely well and don’t send it out until the resin is completely cured.

Hail Can Wreak Havoc On A Car
Window Glass Replacement

Hail is a windshield’s worst nightmare. Generally, it’s best not to get a windshield replacement during a hailstorm. Hail can damage any windshield, even impact-resistant glass. But sometimes you need a repair or replacement during an emergency on a day it will hail. If you do, ensure you leave your car at the shop until the storm passes.

Windy Days Are No Match For A Quality
Window Glass Replacement Shop

A windshield replacement on a windy day may seem like a bad idea. If the windshield was being replaced outside, that may be tricky during and after the replacement. However, as long as your team has a shop for the repair or replacement, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Hot Weather Has The Least Effect On Windshield
Replacements In Ocean View, DE

It’s very unlikely that hot weather will be a problem during an auto glass replacement, but there are exceptions. Extreme, rapid changes in temperature may cause the glass to expand and contract, loosening the windshield seal.

If the resin is 100% cured, this won’t be a problem, but to ensure it is before you take the windshield home, hire a trustworthy professional. The installation team will know how to tell if the car is ready to go and when a few more hours are necessary.

Take The Proper Precautions After Your Windshield
Replacement On The Delmarva Peninsual

After your windshield replacement, cover your car as much as possible for the first day. Try to avoid sudden changes in temperature and high pressure on the glass, and keep an eye on it for any issues. We’re one call away if you spot a potential problem.

GoGlass executes windshield replacements with exceptional results. Our temperature-controlled shop can handle any weather in Ocean View, DE. We even calibrate your windshield if needed after the replacement. Call us today at 800-746-4527 for your free quote.