Lifespan Of A Windshield

May 8, 2024Auto Glass

How Long Should A Windshield Replacement
Last On Vehicles In Ocean View, DE?

What To Know About The Life Expectancy
Of An Auto Glass Replacement

A windshield replacement in Ocean View, DE isn’t always necessary, but they are usually replaced every five years or so. Sometimes, the windshield may last less than a year, but other times, it can last decades. It depends on numerous factors, such as road quality, accidents, and installation.

We have a long history of exceptional glass services. But it’s not just home windows and shower doors that make us stand out. We also have a shop where we replace and repair auto glass with expertise.

GoGlass offers exceptional windshield glass replacements on the Delmarva Peninsula. Our windshields and installations are top-of-the-line, but even our windshields may need to be replaced after a time.

What Makes Windshield Replacement Glass Different?

Windshield glass differs from the glass in your house or car’s side windows. The windshield is made of laminated safety glass, while your side windows are tempered safety glass.

Laminated safety glass is the best option for windshields as it is easier to cut as curved pieces stay in one piece. It is very shatter-resistant and challenging to break. The special glass makes your windshield last as long as it does, but it also means that only a professional auto glass expert should replace your windshield.

Does A Windshield Replacement
Quality And Condition Matter?

Yes, the quality of a windshield matters. Your windshield has a significant job to do. It protects you from wind and debris, acts as a barrier for your passenger airbag, and helps your car’s aerodynamics.

Though most car windshields are similar, you must trust the team that installs yours. They should be certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council and use only the best glass in Delmarva.

Regarding the condition of your windshield, it’s important always to get repairs as soon as possible. Compromising its strength and integrity isn’t ideal. Address any issues you notice as soon as possible by contacting your local auto glass expert.

What Is The Average Life Expectancy
Of A Windshield Replacement?

Most windshields last about five years, but if taken care of and you’re lucky, the windshield can last a lifetime. The most common causes of windshield replacements are accidents, improper installation, damage from rocks or similar items (known as pitting), and extreme weather.

Issues like these are why most windshields must be replaced every five years on average. Without any unexpected damage to your windshield, your glass can last as long as the rest of your car.

What Affects A Car Windshield Replacement’s Lifespan?

Most common issues with windshields are challenging to avoid, so it’s crucial to ensure you do your best to avoid the problems you can. There are many ways to help extend the life of your windshield by taking small steps.

The methods here are not 100% prevent damage to your windshield, but they are excellent ways you can help give your glass its best chance.

  • Maintain a distance from other drivers and drive with care, in general.
  • Get repairs as soon as you notice an issue on your windshield.
  • Store your car in a garage or carport when available.
  • Use the proper cleaning substances and methods.
  • Avoid bumpy roads when possible.
  • Keep the bass low on your radio.
  • Replace wipers as needed.
  • Don’t slam your doors.

Should You Get A Windshield Inspection
If You Don’t Need Auto Glass Repairs?

Getting a yearly windshield inspection is best, even if you don’t need repairs. Thankfully, the windshield is part of the annual vehicle safety inspection in Delaware, so you can be sure it remains in good condition.

During the inspection, the inspector will look at any cracks that may interfere with the vision or operation of your vehicle. A voluntary trip to your mechanic is ideal for a more intense inspection.

GoGlass provides the best windshield replacement services in Ocean View, DE. Our windshields are top-quality, and our installation team is highly qualified. Call us today at 800-746-4527 for a free quote and to discuss your windshield lifespan.