How Does Insurance Work For Windshield Repairs?

May 9, 2024Auto Glass

How Does Insurance Coverage Work
For Windshield Replacements And
Repairs In Ocean View, DE?

Does Insurance Cover Auto
Glass Repairs Near You?

Windshield replacements in Ocean View, DE can be costly without insurance. Luckily, your insurance company may pay part of or the full cost of your windshield replacement or repair.

However, many factors affect how windshield replacement is covered on the Delmarva Peninsula. It all depends on your insurance company, your policy, and even your car’s make.

GoGlass provides auto glass services in addition to our incredible residential glass services. We do most of our auto repairs and replacements in our shop, and we know it can be difficult to decipher what your policy covers. That’s just one more thing we’re here to help with.

Your Insurance Company Affects
Your Auto Glass Replacement

Every insurance company offers different plans. Some have generally lower premiums, while others have higher deductibles. Before choosing a car insurance plan, you should choose the best company.

Not all insurance companies are available in Delaware, and not all of them are available without an agent. Depending on your state, there may even be pricing and coverage differences. In short, your insurance company greatly affects how your insurance coverage works.

Your Insurance Policy Type Matters For Windshield
Repair Services On The Delmarva Peninsula

There are three primary types of car insurance policies: liability, collision, and comprehensive. There is no ideal option if you consider cost efficiency, coverage, and availability. However, breaking them down can help you understand how they each work in the case of a windshield replacement or repair.


Liability insurance is all about whose “fault” the windshield damage is and is considered the keystone for basic car insurance. If you’re in an accident and another car hits yours, their insurance has to pay for the damage. The claim is against their liability insurance, not yours. The liability insurance you get is handy if you cause an accident or damage another car.


Collision insurance kicks in if you’re in an accident, regardless of whose fault it is, and is part of many basic packages. After you pay the deductible, this type of insurance may help you pay for a repair or replacement.


Comprehensive insurance covers the most. It could help pay for damage to your windshield from theft, weather, or vandalism. This is usually a fully optional insurance type that also works with a deductible.

Other Insurance Specifics For Windshield Replacements

A few other factors affect how much insurance pays for windshield repair. These affect your coverage, no matter which company you have, so it’s important to consider them.


A deductible is how much you must pay each year before your insurance will start paying. It is possible to waive your deductible in some cases, but it depends on your plan. Collision coverage often comes with a collision deductible waiver (CDW) that kicks in if you have a qualifying claim.

Glass Endorsement

A glass endorsement is an add-on to your insurance policy. You pay extra upfront, and then your endorsement will pay more on repairs to your glass, sometimes even the full cost.


The more claims that are made for the make and model of the car you have, the more you will have to pay to have it insured. This affects the deductible, premium, and how much you have to pay for windshield repairs.

How To Use Car Insurance For Auto Glass Repairs

Call your insurance company as soon as you notice damage and want to use your insurance to pay for it. You can also file the claim online or use your mobile app.

Your insurance company will help you obtain the names of anyone involved, take pictures of the damage, and keep receipts. The best part is that you get to choose your contractor most of the time, so you get to control the quality of the repair or replacement.

GoGlass offers exceptional windshield replacements and repairs in Ocean View, DE. We work extremely well with insurance companies, as we know the industry inside and out. Call us today at 800-746-4527 for a free quote.

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