Guide To Window Glass Replacement

Apr 26, 2024Windows

The Ultimate Guide To Window Glass
Replacements In Bethany Beach, DE

What You Need To Know About Replacement
Glass And Local Infinity Glass Units

Window glass replacements in Bethany Beach, DE can save money, improve energy efficiency, and enhance curb appeal. However, replacing your window glass isn’t as simple as picking out new curtains. It requires knowing who to call, what to look for, and whether you should replace your whole window.

GoGlass offers exceptional glass replacements in the Delmarva Peninsula that cover an extensive range of glass services. We can replace your whole window or just your glass to give you all the benefits without the added cost.

DIY Or Professional Window Replacement Glass

It may be tempting to replace your window glass on your own, but it’s always better to hire a professional. When you install your own window glass, you risk neglecting factors that professionals are trained to pay attention to.

Whether it’s a tight seal or a secure glass placement, it’s important to have someone certified to complete the replacement. You also may void warranties by doing it yourself, which costs you big time in the long run if something happens to your glass.

Proper Installation Of Replacement Window
Glass: Not All Companies Are Worth It

Hiring a professional is better than replacing your own window glass, but not all companies are trustworthy. Some may neglect the details or recommend you do more than you need, which means you spend more than you need to.

But most importantly, they may offer low-quality products with little to no warranty. The best glass comes with a lifetime warranty because there’s no reason that glass shouldn’t last a lifetime if taken care of.

Best Type Of Window Glass Replacement
In Bethany Beach, DE: Infinity Glass

Not all glass is of equal quality, and since glass is the most important part of any window, it’s crucial that you get a high-performance product. Infinity Glass is what we call the units we make at GoGlass. These remarkable panes allow us to give you the fastest turnaround time in the Delmarva Peninsula.

What makes Infinity Units so good?

  • Assembled locally
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Impact resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Insulated

Replacement Glass Vs. Full Window Replacement

Many companies like to recommend you replace your whole window when you really only need to replace the glass. Sometimes, it is the best option, such as if the frame is damaged. But if the rest of the window is in good shape, you can reap all the benefits of a replacement by just getting new glass.

If your window is in good shape, replacing the glass saves you a lot of money. Yet you still get a more energy-efficient window that looks pristine. It’s even possible for only one pane to be replaced, which saves you even more money.

Type Of Window For Your Home
Window Glass Replacement

Even if you’re only replacing the glass, the type of window you have matters. Not all companies are ready to replace complex window glass. They also may only offer certain types of glass that are not suitable for all types of windows.

Whether you have a double-hung casement or something complex like a bay window, GoGlass can replace the glass without a hitch. Because we specialize in glass, we offer a greater range of glass services and have more tools on hand to deal with any type of window.

Timeline For Window Glass Replacement

The timeline for the window glass replacement depends on the company you hire as well as the complexity of the project. GoGlass can replace your glass in as little as two weeks from the first call. We love assessing your windows to help you decide on the right course of action that will save you the most in terms of energy, time, and money.

GoGlass has the fastest turnaround times for window glass replacement in Bethany Beach, DE. But we do more than windows. We can also replace your patio doors, windshield, or shower glass enclosures. To learn more about our glass services, call us today at 800-746-4527 for your free quote.