Reasons to Restore the Integrity of Your Residential Glass Windows

Nov 9, 2021Residential Glass

Whether it’s a high-rise structure or a residential low-rise building, a good-looking window always provides curb appeal. Damaged window glass is a problem that high-rise building owners (and house owners) confront at some point. But, if there are only a few scratches on the glass, is it necessary to replace it with a new one? No, that is not the case.

Applying home window repair services can swiftly restore our windows’ broken glass to a near-new condition. The glass restoration process, also known as scratch removal, is where the scratches are removed from the glass and then given a factory-like polish. Glass restoration techniques remove scratches, haze, chemicals, and other window glass damages.

The Glass Restoration process can be done on different types of glasses such as:

  1. window glass
  2. glass awnings
  3. skylights
  4. balustrading glass
  5. shower glass screens and glass display cabinets

The cost of replacing windows will take years to recover; in the meantime, repairing windows is more cost-effective and ecologically a good solution. Following are the Reasons to Restore Your Residential Glass Windows:

1. Windows fit your home decor:

The traditional windows are most likely appropriate and fit the décor of any home! The weight & design of windows is selected to glorify the house, design, and other internal features. Windows have been expanded and shrunk with response to different seasons. They need to be fit and sealed even better with suitable weather stripping.

Residential glass replacement features a sturdy construction that fits snugly into your existing window frames. Old homes shift with time; the gaps formed around new windows and old window openings typically produce more drafts & leaks compared to the original windows.

2. Good craftsmanship:

Antique windows have a bond & tenon design that is sturdy and easily repaired when it gets worse. Antique windows are designed in a way to withstand for a lifetime.

3. Good materials values:

Antique timber wooden frames used in the construction of antique wood windows are significantly denser and more resistant to the elements than today’s tree-farming timber. Because of the wood’s density, delicate designs are achievable. The reason these windows have survived despite years of neglect is the quality which does not require any sheathing or weather-resistant coatings. Your wood windows are generally rather lovely, elegant, and robust without all the unsightly paint.

4. Windows are the most operative part of your residence:

The best balancing systems ever developed are weights and pulleys. It’s a common misconception that a lot of chilly air enters through the weight pocket. If there is cold air in the weight pocket, it is most likely to have a gap between the house’s outside trim and the siding. It might also suggest a faulty floor seal. Weights & pulleys are easily replaceable with vinyl jamb liners or invisible balancing systems (a system with a maximum lifetime of 10-20 years). You won’t believe how satisfying it is to open & close windows with one hand after everything has returned to its original state! 

5. Save 30-40% Energy:

A repaired & restored window glass might save you the most money in the first year. Broken glass, failing glazing, and a lack of weather stripping are the most modest & easily repaired issues that have an impact on window energy efficiency. Repairs and restoration work done by GoGlass, a window repair agency in Easton, uses a minimum of materials & resources and grabs the best use of existing materials.

Remember that glass is a very forgiving substrate to work with, which is why we should look for a highly-skilled specialist who can offer us high-quality glass restoration services using professional equipment. MrGoGlass has a dedicated team with experts for the replacement and restoration of residential glass. Contact us for any residential glass repair, replacement & installation services.