Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing or Purchasing Patio Doors

May 4, 2022Patio Door and Window Repairs, Residential Glass

Summer is typically the ideal period to blow some home improvement and redesigning process. It is the ideal occasion to repair or replace old patio doors or extend old windows into a patio door. Larger windows and larger patio doors today are great ways to construct & feel your outside space like an extension of the home. In addition, it gives more natural light which makes any room feel more bright, airy, and open. While you take the time to replace the patio door or enlarge an old window block, there are some choices to consider!

Sliding Doors – Patio doors or sliding patio doors, are what people imagine when thinking about porches. If space is tight, and a big glass surface lets in the most natural light, this is a great choice.

French Doors – The French patio door, also refers as a swing patio door, is aligned from both ends and binds in the center, when shut. The benefit of French doors is that when both gates open, you can have a large entrance.

We, at GoGlass Corp, assist you to decide on what materials to choose for the patio door to improve the aesthetic of your home.

Wood – Wooden patio doors have a distinct style and thus you can get them in customs paints. However, to maintain a great look and in good work conditions, the doors require more TLC over time. Wood patio doors are considerably more expensive than most other available materials.

 – The material used to make a Vinyl patio door is a sturdy plastic that is best for durability, and energy consumption, and endures harsh weather. Vinyl is also available in various styles and textures.

Aluminum – Aluminum doors are the most affordable type of doors. However, they still have some obvious disadvantages, such as, it is not energy efficient or long-lasting as other alternatives.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass doors involve minimum or no upkeep and are highly scalable towards customization. But along with advantages comes some consequences as fiberglass is the most expensive material for patio doors.

When it comes to layout & configuration, the opportunities are practically infinite. Patio door options are designed by order which indicates each & every project is completely customizable based on your preferences. Clients can select from dual-pane or triple-pane glass, glass tints, and quickly style the doors with a standard Georgian panel, a contour or Prairie-style panel, or rooftop door style.

Now, since you overcame the difficult decisions, you have a range of choices of hardware to keep in mind. You can go with a classic handle and a multi-point handle for added durability and protection. You can even choose any color as well as the type of finish for your patio door.

If you don’t like more traditional patio door options, then why not experiment with our new door options? The professional tech team at GoGlass Corporation recommends adding bifold doors to let in more natural light in the home, or the sidelites to get a broader view of the outer environment. To know & understand further about our patio door repair and replacement services, please feel free to contact us.

No matter which option you pick, we’d adore assisting you in your project and making it a reality!