Revolutionize Your Sliding Patio Door Rollers Replacement With These Easy Tips

Dec 21, 2021Residential Glass

Do you have a screeching and noisy sliding glass door? Nothing is more annoying than a door that isn’t functioning properly. If you’ve tried cleaning the track at the bottom or adjusting the door on the track using screws and still the door is not sliding smoothly, you may have an issue with the sliding rollers. Sliding patio glass door rollers can lose out through time & use, leading to being stiff and immovable.

It’s quite simple to replace sliding glass door rollers, but firstly you’ll need to remove the door from the frame. Never force-pull your door out of its frame; this might cause severe damage or brings necessarily entail repairs. A broken or damaged door can create some serious drawbacks to the owners.

To discover how to replace sliding glass door rollers, continue reading:

Locate Roller Screws:

Find the screw that keeps the sliding rollers in position. The screws are seen just near any other adjustment screw on most of the doors. In modern doors, they have on the bottom or are placed adjacent to the rollers. Remove the rollers completely from the door by turning the roller screw counterclockwise with a screwdriver. Keep all the roller screws safely, until you replace or install them with new ones.

Roller Removal:

Gently lift the sliding glass door rollers out of the door when they become loose to remove. Make sure to remove the rollers from both sides of the sliding door.

Decide on the kind of roller you want:

As each door has its own requirement of rollers, you should either take your old rollers or right down the type or take a photo to the hardware shop or you can take help of sliding patio door repairs near you. Taking an immediate call on restoring the rollers is pretty important, or you might have to replace the whole door in order to get it back into the frame.

Replace New Rollers:

Start installing rollers by aligning the openings with the holes in the bottom of your sliding door. Insert the roller screws, tighten them with clockwise movement with your tool screwdriver. Before installing the sliding glass door into the frame, make sure the rollers are rotating freely.


Before reinstalling the sliding glass doors, make sure to clean the rolling track. Spend some time cleaning the roller track before you reinstall the door to avoid your new sliding door rollers running on a dirty track. With the help of a long & thin attachment of a vacuum cleaner suck up all the dirt and wipe it with a clean cloth. Lubricate the sliders on which the rollers will travel.

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