What To Consider Before Getting A Glass Railing

May 25, 2024Railings

7 Things To Consider When Choosing
Glass Railings In Bethany Beach, DE

Tips For Making The Most Of Your
Custom Glass Railing Project

Glass railings in Bethany Beach, DE are an exceptional way to update your space, but it’s important to plan out your project before diving in. Installing a glass railing is something that takes a keen eye and extensive experience.

GoGlass specializes in glass projects such as glass railings in Delmarva. We enjoy helping people find the perfect glass railing project for their homes by offering considerations before we begin.

#1 Ensure That The Glass Panels Are Easy To Clean

Not all glass is easy to clean. Some glass railings are susceptible to handprints and fogging if the weather is humid, but a quality glass railing will resist spots.

At GoGlass, we use spot-resistant glass treated with technology that makes cleaning easier. This makes it lower maintenance, addressing the biggest issue regarding caring for glass panels.

#2 Where To Put Your Glass Railing System

Do you want a railing for your stairs? Or maybe along your deck or raised patio? If you add a glass railing to your patio, you can improve your view and add another layer of transparency to the area to complement the glass patio door.

Because GoGlass offers patio doors and glass railings, we can match the two to create a seamless design for your dream patio. This includes matching hardware colors, aesthetics, and even etching.

#3 Get The Most Of The View With A Glass Deck Railing

A good view is important for decks, and a glass railing helps you get the most out of your view of the Delmarva Peninsula. It’s the best way to open up the space and optimize your view.

But when you choose a glass railing, it doesn’t matter if you’re seated on a second-story deck or standing on a ground-level patio – your view will be the best it can be.

#4 Think About The Resale Value With A Glass Railing

You may make certain changes to your glass railing if you plan on selling your house. While you may prefer an etched bronze glass with dark hardware, a clear railing with silver hardware may be a better bet. Talk to your glass installation team to find out what is trending in the area and which is a better long-term investment for resale value.

#5 Color Options To Decorate Your Glass Railing

There are color options for the glass railing and the hardware for your railing. The options you have depend on the company you hire. At GoGlass, we have a large selection that we’re more than happy to discuss.

A popular example is using a soft gray glass etched with a gorgeous custom design and complete with brushed nickel framing. This is just one of the many combos you can choose.

#6 The Ideal Height For A Glass Railing System

The region you live in and the purpose of the railing affect the ideal height. In Bethany Beach, DE, the stair railing should be 32 inches high from the tread at the face of the riser. This is one of the basics of stair railing requirements, but it’s not the only one.

GoGlass takes care of all of the railing permits and restrictions, so you don’t have to. So don’t worry about the details if you hire us because we are always up to date on any changes in the Delmarva Peninsula.

#7 Hire A Professional To Install Your Glass Railing

It’s crucial that the glass railing is installed properly. An improper installation may lead to unstable glass, which is dangerous to anyone using the railing. While some small projects are relatively safe for homeowners to take on, a railing should be left to the professionals.

GoGlass installs customizable glass railings in Bethany Beach, DE. We love working with customers to create a gorgeous design to suit their homes. Call us today for your free quote at 800-746-4527.