How To Choose The Best Glass Railing

May 5, 2024Railings

Choosing The Right Glass Railing
For Your Lewes, DE Project

What Matters In A Glass Railing
System For Your Home?

Glass railings in Lewes, DE can transform your living space. Whether outside or inside, on decks or stairs, it’s a statement piece that looks great with any house style. But not all glass railings are the same.

A good glass railing must be strong and easy to clean. The best glass railing has to suit your style and be up to date with all local regulations. That’s where GoGlass comes in because we specialize in all things glass and love creating custom glass railings for the residents of the Delmarva Peninsula.

Consider Maintenance Of Your Railing Project In Lewes, DE

One of the biggest complaints with glass railings is that they’re difficult to keep clean. Homeowners often have to deal with fog, little handprints, and spots that won’t wipe away. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

There is a spot-resistant glass railing available; GoGlass is proof of that. Our glass railings are easy to clean and resistant to a buildup of residue, so you don’t have to worry about how difficult your railing will be to clean.

Pick Where The Glass Panels Are Going

A few factors about location affect the best glass railing for you. For example, is your glass going inside or outside? The treatment for this glass may change depending on whether it will be subject to harsh weather conditions.

It’s also important to know if your glass railing will be on a deck, stairs, or both. The railing must be strong to support anyone who may lean on it, but the exact location does affect the best type of glass.

Find Your Style For Your Tempered Glass

You don’t have to stick with plain, clear glass for your glass project. You can mix things up with tinted, painted, and etched glass. We even do custom beveled edgework at GoGlass.

We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect style for your living space. You may be surprised by how many options we offer. You can get a gorgeous etched bronze or crystal clear glass with a painted design. The combos are quite extensive.

Glass Railing Resale Value On The Delmarva Peninsula

Consider the resale value of your project before you begin. A simple but high-quality railing may be better if you plan on selling. But if you’re not selling, something more unique may be the best option for curb appeal.

We can work with you to calculate which glass railing works best for resale value in your neighborhood and for your particular home. Even if you’re not planning on selling, it’s good to know that your investments are worth it if you want to in the future.

The Right Height Of Glass Railing In Lewes, DE

In Lewes, DE, the glass railing must be 32 inches high from the tread to the face of the riser. There may be a slight variance, but sticking to the required height is necessary in most cases for safety reasons.

Your glass team must know the regulations and should stick to them. The glass railing must be tall enough that children can’t lean over. While a railing that’s too tall doesn’t pose many threats, it becomes useless and an eyesore at a certain point.

The Right Team For A Glass Railing System

The right glass team makes all the difference for any project, especially if working with a generally fragile material like glass. Railings, in particular, are a sensitive project because they must be strong, durable, and long-lasting, or they could be dangerous.

GoGlass is an expert glass installation team that takes pride in providing the highest quality services on the Delmarva Peninsula. Our team is highly qualified and knows how to ensure every project is safe yet still a work of art.

Our Lewes, DE glass railings are top-notch and come in a variety of styles. Contact us today at 800-746-4527 for a free quote on your glass railing project.