Benefits Of Residential Glass Railings

May 28, 2024Railings

Top Advantages Of Interior Glass
Railings In Bethany Beach, DE

A Glass Railing System May Be The
Upgrade You Are Looking For

Glass railings in Bethany Beach, DE come with many advantages, such as a gorgeous design and an amazing view. But that’s not where the benefits of installing interior glass railings end.

GoGlass installs premium glass railings on the Delmarva Peninsula to suit any style. We love offering these systems for various reasons that improve your space’s beauty and functionality.

If you’re interested in adding a functional yet stunning addition to your home’s interior, consider these advantages of an interior glass railing.

A Glass Railing Has A Seamless Design

The look of glass railings is what draws most people in. Even if you have extra support and hardware, a glass railing has the most seamless aesthetic. It is a sleek and modern take on railings that can also work in the most traditional settings.

A mid-century modern design still looks great with glass railing, as does the boho style. That’s because the transparency of the glass blends in well with any surroundings.

A Tempered Glass Railing Is Durable

When you think of glass, you may not imagine something long-lasting and strong. But the right glass railing is made with tempered glass, which is built to last. Tempered glass is cooled quickly after it comes out of the oven. This creates a tough, compressed surface and a tight internal structure.

The result is durable glass that is impact-resistant and won’t buckle under pressure. The glass panels are reinforced with hardware during installation to secure them and further improve their fortitude.

Glass Panels Are Easy To Maintain

Glass is resistant to moisture and infestations like termites. So you don’t have to worry about your glass wearing down as other railings may. The most difficult part of maintaining glass is cleaning it, but if you choose glass treated with anti-fog and anti-spot technology, it will make the cleaning process easier, too.

More Lighting With A Glass Railing System

Interior glass railing allows more light to pass through and light up a stairwell. Stairwells can be dark otherwise, especially for children or pets who are shorter than the railing. But even for adults, extra lighting can boost your mood and make the space look cleaner.

A Tempered Glass Railing Is Safe

A glass railing is quite safe compared to other railings, and not just because it’s durable. A solid railing that doesn’t have rungs is safer for children who are susceptible to sticking limbs between the rungs. There aren’t many opportunities for kids to experiment like that on a seamless glass railing.

Your Space Looks Larger With A Glass Stair Railing

Glass always makes spaces look larger, such as a glass shower door enclosure in the bathroom. A glass railing is no exception, as it creates an open concept between your stairs and the adjoining rooms. Even if you use a glass railing somewhere else, it really opens up your space.

Glass Railings May Increase Resale
Value in Bethany Beach, DE

Any upgrade to your home has a chance to increase your resale value. An upgrade like a glass railing has an incredible chance of doing so. The type of glass and the details of the railing will come into play, so talk to your glass installation team to find out the right option for you if resale value is on your mind.

Glass Railing Systems Are Easy To Customize

A glass railing is one of the best types to fully personalize your project. You can use tinted glass, etched glass, and beveled edges, which can transform a typical glass panel into something completely unique to you.

GoGlass provides exceptional glass services to homeowners in Bethany Beach, DE. Our glass railings are the best around. If you’re interested in installing a glass railing, call us today at 800-746-4527 for your free estimate.