What To Know About Glass Railings

Jun 21, 2024Railings

What To Know Before Installing Glass
Railings In Ocean View, DE Homes

Choices, Considerations, And Features Of
A Glass Railing System For Your Home

Glass railings in Ocean View, DE are wonderful upgrades in both functionality and beauty. They offer a barrier for safety and practical use without blocking the view or boxing in areas. But before you install a glass railing, you may want to consider a few matters.

GoGlass is your resident glass expert on the Delmarva Peninsula. We have been working with glass for over 40 years and enjoy helping the people in our communities make the most of their glass railing projects.

Glass Panels Can Be Incredibly Durable

There’s a common misconception that all glass is fragile, but that isn’t the case. Glass railing can be just as durable and long-lasting as any other type of railing, especially if installed properly.

GoGlass uses tempered glass for railings because it is the strongest type of glass. Yet, it is also lightweight enough to be held in place easily with the proper frame. Glass like this is long-lasting and backed by our 100% guarantee of a quality installation.

The Right Glass Railings Are Low-Maintenance

There’s no reason glass railing can’t be easy to keep clean. Some glass is susceptible to smudges, spots, and fogging. However, if you have an outdoor railing, this simply won’t do, as salty air, hurricanes, and regular use will ensure your railing is a mess in Delmarva.

At GoGlass, the railing we install is spot-resistant and hurricane-resistant, able to withstand the weather in Ocean View. It is also easy to clean and doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as other glass.

You Aren’t Limited To Glass Stair Railings

Feel free to branch out on glass railing locations. Glass stair railing is phenomenal, but so is deck railing and railing to border gorgeous landscaping. The right glass railing works great both indoors and outdoors, broadening your options significantly.

Another unique option is to put a railing around your pool area. This offers a luxurious space that feels like a resort while protecting kids and pets who may wander nearby. Do you have an outdoor shower near your pool? Consider a glass shower enclosure!

Customization Options For A Glass Railing System

The customization options for your glass railing are quite extensive, but it all depends on the glass company you hire. GoGlass offers glass tinting, etching, and even painting in some cases.

We also have various hardware choices, framing options, and more. We are even open to your ideas on glass railing projects that we’ve never done before. If it’s glass, we can work something out.

Consider The Best View With A Glass Deck Railing

Tinted glass is cool, and so is flashy hardware, but sometimes simple is better for deck railing. The priority for railing on decks is often getting the best view. A clear railing with minimal hardware can do this perfectly. It still offers a safety barrier, but it doesn’t block the beautiful view of the Delmarva Peninsula.

The Perfect Height For Glass Railing In Ocean View, DE

A glass railing in Delaware should be between 34” and 38” above the walking surface. Shorter railings are a safety hazard, while taller railings may be less practical. The ideal height is around 36”, but there are some cases when straying from the standard is better.

For example, railings that aren’t above ground have different regulations. You may opt for something shorter. In some cases, a tall railing is preferable, such as creating a divider between areas.

Safe Installation Requires An Expert In Glass Railings

Glass railings are not something to attempt alone, as an improper installation could be hazardous. When you decide to get glass railing, ensure you hire an expert team you can trust. They should know the regulations, offer you options, and be willing to work with you to achieve your vision.

Ocean View, DE Residents Trust GoGlass
For The Most Exceptional Glass Railings

GoGlass installs glass railings in Ocean View, DE that look incredible and function exceptionally well. Our railings are easy to customize and may last a lifetime. For more information on our high-quality railings, call us at 800-746-4527 for a free estimate.