Why You Shouldn’t Do A DIY Patio Door Replacement

Apr 5, 2024Doors

Problems That Can Arise From Installing
Your Own Patio Door In Berlin, MD

Why You Should Hire A Professional Patio
Door Replacement Company

Replacement patio doors in Berlin, MD make a huge difference in the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home. But it’s important that a professional door and glass installation team install your new patio door. If you try to DIY your patio door, you risk causing an array of issues that may cost you.

GoGlass has installed doors and windows since 1982. We’ve seen our fair share of faulty installations, and many of them were due to well-intentioned homeowners who wanted to get the job done faster and cheaper.

Improper Seals On A Patio Door Replacement Lead
To Drafts And Leaks In Worcester County

Energy efficiency is important for any home. The quickest way to make your home more energy efficient is with a good seal around your windows and doors. On the other hand, the quickest way to reduce energy efficiency is to neglect a good seal.

When you install a patio door, it’s important that the proper caulking is done to ensure that the door doesn’t let any drafts through or allow for water to make its way in.

Causing (Or Ignoring) Issues With The Frame
During A DIY Patio Door Replacement

The frame is a major part of any door replacement. But if the frame is rotting or cracking, it needs to be replaced. Most homeowners haven’t been trained to spot a frame that needs to be replaced, so they tend to cover it up with a patio door replacement no matter what.

This does nothing to fix the issue and instead allows the problem to grow under the surface. In time, it may compromise the integrity of your home as rot spreads to your foundation and load-bearing walls.

Compromising Security Due To A Faulty
Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Doors and windows have a big job to do. They keep out any ill-intentioned people looking for an easy target. While security systems are a fantastic investment, it’s best to have a base that deters anyone who wishes to break into your home.

Patio door replacement companies are trained to install doors securely with the proper high-security exterior locks.

Hardware Or Tool Issues May Cause
A Replacement Patio Door To Fall

Using improper screws can be dangerous. If the screw isn’t long enough, it may cause the door to fall out of the frame. If the screw is too thick or long, it may crack the stop or the jamb.

Improper tools may cause issues, too, as impact drills may ensure your screw goes far too deep. But if you’re working with a screwdriver, you’ll be lucky to get a door in securely.

DIY Patio Door Replacements May Let Berlin, MD Pests In

Professionals replace patio doors in a way that deters insects. This includes mosquitoes and wasps that sneak in through the gaps around faulty door installations, as well as termites, which can eat right through the wrong type of door.

At GoGlass, we offer naturally insect-repellent materials like aluminum and fiberglass. But we also offer treated wood, which will repel insects.

Crooked Patio Door Replacements May Get Stuck

It’s extremely dangerous for an exterior door to get stuck. It could keep you locked inside in an emergency with no way to get out. But if the door isn’t properly aligned, it’s quite easy for it to get stuck, especially if it swells from an improper seal.

Lack Of Proper Delmarva Replacement Patio Door Permits

What happens when you don’t get the proper permits for a renovation project? You can void any insurance claims and could even be subject to a door removal. A team could come to your house and remove any renovation projects you did without the proper permits – and no one wants that.

Voiding The Warranty On Your Patio Door Replacement Cost

If you install the patio door yourself, you risk voiding the warranty. There are certain clauses in manufacturer warranties that require you to have a professional install the door. If you don’t hire someone with proof of that project, your door may not be covered under the warranty.

The Risk Of Injury During A DIY Patio
Door Replacement Isn’t Worth It

The main problem that occurs from DIY remodeling is physical injury. People who are hired by home remodeling companies are trained to install doors safely. They have the right number of people on the job and ensure that everything they do is done properly. That’s just not feasible for the average homeowner.

Luckily, DIY patio door installation is not something you have to worry about. If you want to hire a professional replacement patio door company in Berlin, MD, call GoGlass today at 800-7GO-GLASS for a free estimate.