Why Cheap Patio Doors Aren’t Worth It

Apr 2, 2024Doors

Why A “Cheap” Patio Door Replacement
Company In Berlin, MD Isn’t Ideal

Quality Replacement Patio Doors
Are The Better Investment

Replacement patio doors in Berlin, MD are an excellent way to spruce up your indoor and outdoor space. They let in natural light while offering a great space to transition from your patio to your indoor area.

GoGlass loves installing unique patio doors on the Delmarva Peninsula. Our door glass is the best around, and our patio doors come in a large selection of styles and brands. But the thing is, we only accept the best for our customers. We don’t accept cheaply made products, and we don’t expect you to either.

Cheap Patio Door Replacement, Cheap Installation

It’s not just about installing a cheap door – it’s about who you’re hiring. What kind of company is okay with installing low-quality doors for their clients?

A cheap door means a cheap installation in many cases. The two often go hand-in-hand as quality companies use quality products. The installation of the replacement patio door greatly affects its lifespan, so the better the team that installs the door, the longer your door will last.

Common Problems With Cheap
Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding glass doors are the most common for patios. The problem is that they require expert installation, even if the door you choose is good quality. Many problems arise from a low-quality sliding glass door or a low-quality installation.

  • Wheels And Tracks – the wheels and tracks for the sliding glass door are the first to go in many cases. This could be due to a lack of lubrication by the installation team or faulty placement.
  • Bad Seal – this is a huge problem for your home’s energy efficiency as it leads to drafts and leaks.
  • Crooked – a crooked door leads to even more issues, such as cracks, getting stuck, and a further reduction in energy efficiency.
  • Handles/Locks – improperly installed or low-quality handles and locks are an annoying problem no one should have to deal with.
  • Bad Glass – a huge issue that many contractors try to get by with is low-quality glass. Because glass is the most important part of a patio door, it’s important that it’s energy-efficient and impact-resistant.

Energy-Efficient Patio Doors Save
You Money In Berlin, MD

When you choose glass, energy efficiency is extremely important. You will save so much money over time by choosing a high-quality patio door with the best glass in Delmarva. There’s a reason that you pay for quality: it pays you back in more ways than one. Your house looks better, functions better, and the investment saves you money.

Low-Quality Materials Ensure You Need A Patio
Door Replacement Before You Want One

Cheap materials for patio doors do not last as long, nor do they look as good. It’s not about the type of material either – it’s about the quality. Whether you want vinyl, wood, aluminum, or fiberglass, you can have a patio door that stands the test of time.

Yet each of these materials can be made cheaply, ensuring that they look just good enough to draw customers in and leave them with issues after installation.

A Good Warranty Makes Up For The
Patio Door Replacement Cost

When you choose a cheap patio door, pay attention to the warranty. Some may only be for ten years, while others come with a limited lifetime warranty. While ten years is expected for certain types of doors, a lifetime warranty in some way covered by the manufacturer is ideal.

That’s why window installation companies partner with the biggest manufacturers, such as Marvin and Viwinco, who offer such warranties.

Financing Makes A Quality Replacement Attainable

You don’t have to use money set aside for a college fund to get a quality patio door replacement. These days, special financing is available through third parties. These offers let you pick from interest-free options as well as long-term options so you can choose which works best for you.

GoGlass installs exceptional replacement patio doors in Berlin, MD. If you’re ready for your customized patio door, call us today at 800-7GO-GLASS for a free estimate.