Ideas For A Unique Patio Door

Apr 9, 2024Doors

Replacement Patio Door Ideas To Make Your
Berlin, MD Outdoor Space Look Exceptional

Patio Door Designs That Inspire Your Next Home
Remodeling Project – Small Project, Big Results

Replacement patio doors in Berlin, MD are an amazing way to simultaneously spruce up your indoor and outdoor space. Few other home remodeling projects can do this quite as well as a new patio door.

But when you choose to replace your patio door, you don’t have to go with a standard patio door with little personality. There are plenty of ways to make it uniquely you, especially when you choose GoGlass, who has 40 years of experience making patio doors pop.

Add More Natural Light With A Sidelight Or Two

Natural light is an important part of any home. One of the best ways to add natural light is with the expansiveness of a glass patio door. To build on this, consider adding sidelight windows, which are stationary panels that go on either side of your patio door.

Tinted Glass Looks Amazing On Any Glass Patio Enclosure

A bright-colored frame done tastefully looks great, especially if it goes well with the rest of your design. But a more unique way to add color is with tinted glass. You can tint almost any type of glass, and it will look fantastic. A deep tint may be too heavy for a replacement patio door, but a light tint can do wonders.

Etched Glass Is Gorgeous For Patio Door Replacements

Etching glass is not something that just any glass company can do, but at GoGlass, we offer exceptionally detailed etched glass pieces. We love making etched glass for doors done your way. Our custom designs are always well-received and have out-of-this-world results on patio doors.

Glass Blinds Are A Fun Alternative For Patio Door Glass

Glass blinds for patio doors are not popular, but they look unique and fantastic in the right setting. These blinds give you great control over how much light you let into your home, which is an ideal feature during both the winter and the summer.

Consider A Screened-In Porch Transition For Your Patio Door

Screened-in porches are amazing amenities, and so are patios. So why not connect them? You can have a screened-in porch that leads to the patio, giving you three stages of outdoor space.

You can open the door to the screened-in porch for the first stage, step out onto your porch for a great view, and then use the patio door in the porch to transition to your patio outdoor space.

Switch Up Your Replacement Patio
Door Material In Berlin, MD

Vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum are terrific options for your patio door frame. But so is wood. Wooden patio door frames look exceptional in any stain or finish. They allow the glass to shine with a simple design that merges well with the outdoor space, considering the wood is a natural material.

That said, the other patio door materials are also wonderful, as each has a good lifespan and is very versatile. The important part is not to get set on one material until you give them all a chance.

Switch Up The Patio Door Function

Sliding glass patio doors are ideal in most situations. You can even change the frame, size, and more to ensure your sliding glass patio door replacement is unique. But sliding doors are not the only option.

Swinging doors and bi-folding doors are viable options that allow your doors to function differently. Certain spaces may benefit from folding doors, while others may be perfect for swinging doors.

Add Screens To Enjoy The Delmarva Peninsula Weather

A screen is a necessity if you plan on leaving your patio door open. You can enjoy the wonderful weather by letting in fresh air, eliminating the need for the HVAC to run on mild days.

Our screens come in many options, such as a strong screen that’s difficult for pets to get into or the SolarScreen, which keeps bugs out.

No matter which type of replacement patio door you choose for your home in Berlin, MD, GoGlass is here to serve you. Call us today at 800-7GO-GLASS for your free estimate.