Why Is “Respect” A Core Value?

Jun 17, 2024Identity

Why Is “Respect” One Of Our Core Values?

It’s How We Treat Our Customers
AND Their Property

When you seek a Delmarva residential glass company, many factors will help you choose a candidate to work with. For instance, what is the quality of their work? Do their glass experts know their business? Are they respected throughout your region? Do they offer the services you need?

And finally, how do they treat you?

A business that does not treat its customers well does not respect them, and one that does not respect its customers simply won’t last long.

We’ve understood that maxim from the outset. That’s why we’ve made “respect” one of our core values. We want our customers to understand fully that they are the reason we exist. Without YOU, we’re nothing.

That attitude is now in our DNA.

And it seems to be an effective strategy since we have now been in business for more than 40 years. We never could have made it that long without reverence for our clients.

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Our Fundamental Guiding Principles

From its founding, GoGlass has been guided in its behavior by five timeless core values. These values have steered us through every customer interaction and difficult decision we’ve faced, kept us on course for four decades, and will remain our compass well into the future.

Those guiding principles are as follows:

  • Respect
  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Trustworthiness

These core values make us who we are, and “respect” is at the top of the list. To us, the term refers to any deferential actions that indicate esteem for our customers. It’s meant to show you how much we appreciate you hiring us to replace your window, glass panel, or shower door.

The other four core values are built upon the first. Each shows our respect for you.

Let’s discuss some of the other ways we show you respect.

Professional Conduct

When you hire us for an auto, commercial, or residential glass project, you deserve to receive professional conduct from all our crew members.

And you will.

Without fail, they will:

Show Up On Time – so you don’t have to wait or wonder.

Display Good Grooming – even their vehicles and equipment are tidy.

Treat You With Courtesy – broad smiles and explanations are given freely.

Act Professionally – they get right to work and never let the unexpected throw them.

Our conduct is an important way we show how much we respect you as our customer.

Respect For Your Property

We also go out of our way to respect your property. When replacing auto, commercial, or residential glass, we treat your home, business, or vehicle as if it were our own.

We take steps to keep it clean and lay down protective mats on your floors and upholstery to prevent damage. We measure doorways and hallways before moving equipment inside to avoid leaving dents and dings on walls or elsewhere.

Finally, we clean up after ourselves before departing. We remove any debris we’ve created, trundle out excess materials, and polish what we’ve mounted until it sparkles.

If not for your exquisite new glass installation, it’ll be like we were never there.

We Value Your Input

A final way we show you respect is through communication. We keep you in the loop during every stage of the project. Have we successfully completed part of the process? You’ll hear about it. Did we encounter a snag? You’ll know about it as soon as we do.

We keep you updated so you never have to wonder how your project is proceeding. You’ll know if it’s on schedule or if we need to run for supplies.

Moreover, we also welcome your input. If you have comments about our work or thoughts about the project, please let us know how we can better serve you. Likewise, we are more than willing to answer questions.

Feel free to ask how your leaky window job is coming along, what we’re doing, or why. We are happy to explain and answer any other questions you might have.

Remember, we work for you.

So, if you need auto, commercial, or residential glass service, work with a company that respects you. Contact GoGlass on the Delmarva Peninsula to schedule a free consultation today.