Do THIS Before Buying Replacement Windows

May 31, 2024Identity

Skip The Headache – Do This Before
You Buy Replacement Windows

Save Yourself Time, Money,
And The Hassle

We get it – like most Delmarva homeowners, you likely dread looking for the right replacement windows almost more than you fear the cost. Hours spent on the phone and scouring the internet, all to potentially get an underwhelming result.

But there’s another way to go about the whole process.

To save you potential time, money, and poor window quality or installation, we have three steps you can take to ensure you buy the right replacement windows:

  1. Learn About Window Labels
  2. Find The Right Window Replacement Company
  3. Pay Attention To Your Warranty

By following these steps, you’ll make the process of buying replacement windows much more straightforward.

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Step #1: Learning About Window Labels

The first step in purchasing the best replacement windows for your home is understanding what you’re looking at.

Window labels help you understand the quality of the replacement windows you’re considering purchasing.

You’re looking for the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label. Not to be confused with the ENERGY STAR label.

The ENERGY STAR label shows that this is an energy-efficient product. In contrast, the NFRC label compares the performance ratings of products like replacement windows.

Ensure any company you’re looking to hire has both labels on their windows.

At the top of the NFRC label, you’ll find a few things to note, including:

  • Framing Material
  • Manufacturer
  • Glazing Type
  • & More…

Other information, such as the Argon or Krypton gas fill or a Low-E coating, can be in this top section if they apply.

The main sections you want to look at are the performance ratings. However, some ratings are better when lower, and some are better when higher. The ratings to take note of include:

  • U-Factor – This measures how well the window retains heat within a room. A lower number indicates the widows let less heat out.
    • Range: 0.20 – 1.2
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – Measures the window’s resistance to gaining and letting heat in. A lower number here directly correlates to spending less on cooling your house during the hotter months of the year.
    • Range: 0 – 1
  • Visible Transmittance – Windows with a higher visible transmittance allow in more natural light.
    • Range: 0 – 1
  • Air Leakage – No one likes a draft, and the air leakage rating measures precisely that. The lower the number, the less air will be let in through the window.
    • Range: ≤ 0.3

With this information, you can read window labels and understand how they compare performance-wise to other replacement windows you’re considering.

Step #2: Finding The Right Window
Replacement Company

Finding the right company to hire for replacement windows can be daunting if you don’t know what to look for. You’ll want a company of professionals who understand the product you want installed and focus on the product or service you’re interested in.

When looking for replacement windows, you should search for companies that meet certain expectations.

You need expertise and experience from the company you’re looking to hire.

And when it comes to residential or commercial window replacement, GoGlass is second to none.

We offer 40+ years of experience in the glass industry with experts who deliver top-tier glass services.

Reviews can also help to solidify your choice. You want to know how your community feels about a company’s work before hiring them – and like GoGlass, you want a company with rave reviews.

Step #3: Paying Attention To Your Warranty

Lastly, a solid warranty is essential to hiring the right company and buying the right product.

Don’t purchase anything without one.

Warranties say a lot about how a company stands by its products or services. Make sure a solid warranty protects them.

Have it explained to you, read it for yourself, and ensure that if something goes wrong, you won’t be on the wrong end of a bill you weren’t expecting.

By following these steps, you will make the replacement windows buying process more manageable, as well as find the best glass company to replace them.

So, when you’re ready to end your search for replacement glass services in Delmarva and want the right company for the job, contact GoGlass and schedule a free estimate.