How To Prepare For Window Replacement

Mar 22, 2024Windows

Preparing For Your Residential Window
Replacement In Rehoboth Beach, DE

What To Do Before Your Window Installation
At Your Sussex County Home

Replacement windows in Rehoboth Beach, DEare one of the best ways to transform your home and make it more energy efficient. But there is a lot that goes into replacing your windows.

GoGlass has replaced windows in the Delmarva Peninsula and Sussex County for decades, so we’re always happy to help homeowners prepare for their installation. Though it takes little to prepare for your project, doing a little prep work helps your process be seamless and reduces any stress that comes with home renovations.

Scheduling A Window Installation

Your schedule should be the priority when you book a window installation with a company. The time it takes to install new windows varies, so it’s good to ask the window company you’re interested in early on. That way, you can set the installation days without disrupting your schedule.

Once you decide on a company, they’ll let you know your options for scheduling your window replacement and what to expect from day one.

Clear The Area For Your Window Replacement

Though you don’t need to clean your entire yard or indoor area, there are a few ways to help make things easier for the team. These steps also make it less likely that your stuff will be damaged.

  • Remove anything you can move on the outside of the window, such as yard ornaments.
  • Remove anything breakable from the room the windows are in.
  • Clear a path from the door to the window.

How To Prepare Your Old Windows
For Replacement Windows

There’s not much you need to do for your old windows. For example, a deep cleaning or removal of everything in the room isn’t necessary. But it’s a good idea to keep them clear. This means removing any alarm systems that might break or trigger and removing any window coverings.

Though these things only take a few minutes, it’s good to do them beforehand to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Keep Kids And Pets Safe During Window Installation

Kids and pets are safer in a room separate from where the windows are being installed. It makes it easier for the installation team to do their job while ensuring your family remains safe. This goes for the indoor and outdoor spaces, as the outdoor space may have trucks, ladders, and more that may be a hazard to your kids and pets.

Making Your Window Replacement Decisions Early

The earlier you decide the type of window you want and which windows to replace, the better. You may even discover that a glass replacement is better than a full window replacement.

This usually happens during a consultation when expert window and glass installers survey your windows and let you know which is the most cost-efficient option.

Find Out If You’re Applying For Window
Replacement Financing

Do you want to apply for special financing? That’s a good thing to figure out before you get too far into the process. Once you try to budget for the window replacement, you’ll have a better idea about whether you want to use financing provided through a third-party system.

GoGlass offers both interest-free and long-term financing options because we want everyone in the Delmarva Peninsula and Sussex County to be able to afford energy-efficient windows. We even sometimes offer special discounts to those we look up to, like teachers and veterans, and seasonal discounts to everyone.

Preparing For Your Window Replacement
Consultation In Rehoboth Beach, DE

Ensure you get a consultation before you schedule an installation. During the consultation, your window installation company will talk to you about the design you want, which windows to replace, and the other decisions that you’ve been contemplating. They’ll also offer you a free price and time estimate for your window replacement project.

GoGlass offers glass replacements and full window replacements in Rehoboth Beach, DE. We make our own glass units for the windows we replace, so you can feel good knowing exactly where your glass comes from. Schedule a consultation and get a free quote today by calling 800-7GO-GLASS for your window replacement.