What Happens During A Window Replacement?

Mar 19, 2024Windows

What To Expect For A Window Replacement
Project In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard With
Your Window Installation

Replacement windows in Rehoboth Beach, DE are highly beneficial to your home. They provide an energy-efficient barrier in every room in your house while looking amazing from the curb and letting natural light in.

However, if you’ve never replaced your windows, you may wonder what to expect from your replacement project. GoGlass has been replacing windows on the Delmarva Peninsula for decades, and we love doing so. Our process goes above and beyond expectations, but there is a standard to follow.

Timeframe For A Window Replacement

Timeframes for replacement windows vary depending on how many windows you replace and their complexity. Some companies take months for window replacements, while others take a few weeks.

GoGlass can take as little as two weeks for a window replacement. This depends on your project, but we have the fastest turnaround time in the Delmarva Peninsula thanks to our custom glass unit process.

Getting A Permit For Your Window
Replacement In Sussex County

Permits vary depending on the area and the details of your project. The best contractors ensure that they get their own permits rather than have the homeowner retrieve them. GoGlass is a leading company that ensures that we stay current on all of the right permits and have everything we need before we begin working on your home.

Deciding Which Windows To Replace

Finding which windows to replace and which can wait may be difficult. Luckily, you can do it with your window company or alone since there are signs that your window needs to be replaced.

Reasons To Replace A Window:

  • Your house is difficult to heat and cool.
  • The noise gets through your window.
  • Air gets in around the window.
  • The frames are rotting.
  • The window gets stuck.
  • They look dated.

The Consultation For A Window Replacement

The consultation consists of talking to the company and letting them know which windows to replace, what type of windows you want to replace them with, and if there are any details you want to add. During this time, measurements may be taken, surveys may be conducted, and many questions will be asked.

You’ll also receive your priceestimate during the consultation. The best companies offer these for free, so it’s better to wait for a company that ensures free estimates, as you never know what a company that charges you for these consultations will charge you for later.

Replacing Your Glass Or Getting
An Entire Window Installation

It’s quite possible that all you need is a glass replacement. If that’s true, you can save valuable time and money on a full window replacement by choosing to replace the glass, not the whole window. You can expect this after a window consultation, as the company that will replace your windows will let you know which is better, given your situation.

The Financing Stage Of A Window Replacement

Everyone should be able to afford replacement windows to keep their home safe and save money each month on energy bills. During the consultation, your window installation company will talk to you about financing options. Look for interest-free options and long-term options so that you can ensure there’s a solution that works for you.

At GoGlass, we know you can’t always control when you need windows. So we do our best to ensure that emergency situations receive our full attention and find a way for you to be able to replace your glass. Solutions are made simpler with discounts that stack with your financing.

Where Window Replacement Materials Come From

Where your windows come from makes a difference. Are they shipped from overseas, greatly delaying the schedule? Or are parts of the window made right here in Delmarva?

At GoGlass, we make our own insulated glass units called Infinity Glass, which we assemble in our oven. This speeds the entire process up and lets us gain full quality assurance. It also lets you buy locally assembled products, which is always something to feel good about.

Are you ready for a consultation on your replacement windows? For a free estimate in Rehoboth Beach, DE, call GoGlass today at 800-7GO-GLASS.