Replacement Window Warranties Guide

Mar 26, 2024Windows

Everything You Need To Know About
Replacement Window Warranties
In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

What To Look For In A Window
Installation Warranty

Replacement windows in Rehoboth Beach, DE make a huge difference in the appearance and energy efficiency of your home. But before you get a replacement window, learning about the warranty that comes with it is always a good move.

GoGlass is a Delmarva Peninsula company that specializes in replacement windows. Our warranties are difficult to beat, but many factors go into choosing a window that relates to the window’s warranty.

How Do Replacement Window Warranties Work?

When you hire a window company or look into window manufacturers, there are a few questions you can ask to find out exactly what the warranty covers. You can even stack warranties to ensure you cover as many bases as possible and know who to call if something happens to your window.

What Is The Process After An Accident?

A window warranty appointment to replace your window differs from an emergency service. Window companies should be able to tell you the process of replacing your window. Generally, the cost of the window replacement is covered, but whether it’s in a refund or a product replacement depends on the company.

What Does The Window Warranty Cover?

The window warranty may cover the frame alone, the product, or even the labor. It’s important to ask exactly what part of the window the warranty covers and if it also covers the labor costs. This will largely depend on whether you have a warranty through a window company that installed the window in the first place, a different company, or the manufacturer.

Do Warranties Cover Self-Installation

Generally, no, they do not. If you install the window yourself, chances are it voids the warranty from the manufacturer. So it’s important to always have a professional install your window replacement if you want to keep the warranty.

Replacement Window Warranties
From Manufacturers

Replacement window warranties that come from manufacturers cover damage to the window, not the installation. For example, Viwinco offers a lifetime warranty on windows, which covers any major defects as long as the buyer resides in the home. This warranty can transfer, but it is turned into a 20-year warranty.

Similarly, United has a warranty that covers 15 years but only covers manufacturer defects. These warranties are fantastic, but when they stand alone, there are many loopholes that leave you with a damaged window.

Replacement Window Warranties From
Window Installation Companies

Replacement window warranties from installation companies usually cover the installation only. This type of warranty covers the workmanship of the installation, which may or may not have loopholes. It also generally lasts about a year but may last up to a lifetime, depending on the company you work with.

Infinity Glass Lifetime Warranty
In Rehoboth Beach, DE

At GoGlass, we make Infinity Glass Units, which come with a lifetime warranty. So you get a warranty on installation and your glass replacement. So when your window manufacturer won’t cover the cost of a replacement window, we can replace the glass alone, saving you money on a full window replacement.

This time, you can rest assured that we cover your glass with a lifetime warranty and are intent on a flawless installation. If we make a mistake, we cover that, too, because we trust our quality workmanship.

Insurance To Fill The Gaps For
Window Replacements

Insurance is an amazing way to fill any gaps that warranties leave. Home insurance usually covers vandalism, theft, and damage from the elements. If your windows are hurricane-resistant, hurricane damage will likely be covered. That’s why it’s important to keep up with the local codes to cover your bases in case of emergencies.

GoGlass is the number one glass window replacement company in Sussex County. Our Infinity Glass units come with the best replacement window warranty around, so you can relax and enjoy the view without worrying about the cost of yet another replacement. If you’re ready to learn more about window warranties or want a window replacement, call GoGlass today at 800-7GO-GLASS for a free quote in Rehoboth Beach, DE