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Cracks and Rattling: When to Repair a Damaged Windshield

If you have recently encountered an accident, or just had a new windshield installed, inspect your windshield regularly. Also, if your windshield is not properly installed or developed cracks in the accident, it will cause further problems. A damaged windshield will not protect you. Hence, if you notice any signs of trouble in your windshield, […]

Car Windshield Repair Advice from Auto Glass Experts

Nowadays there is a huge demand for auto windshield services for car windshield repair or replacement. Windshield repair refers to the various processes that help to take care of damaged area of the windshield. With the help of auto glass repair service, you can help stop the damage that has occurred on your car windshield […]

3 Reasons Why Auto Glass Repair Should Be Your Priority

auto glass repair service

Vehicle maintenance is not only about keeping your car squeaky clean.  Ensuring that all safety standards, from your tires to your auto glass, are met with due diligence should be a top priority. Always check before a road trip or during routine maintenance Tire pressure Washer fluid level Coolant Car battery Emergency kit Auto glass […]