In the last several decades, automakers have been adding more and more automation and safety features. Some of them are used daily, while others are so ingrained in normal driving that you don’t even think about it. Either way, many of these features have a huge impact on your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the drivers on the road.

One of these technologies you’ll find built into many newer vehicles is the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS. These systems enhance, automate, and adapt already present safety systems, significantly helping to prevent accidents from happening.

Every ADAS component is precisely calibrated to manufacturer specifications for proper performance.

Advance driving system graph

What are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems?

ADAS is a group of connected electronic systems that work together to help ensure your safety on the road. This is done by alerting you of potential problems and even automatically preventing a collision.

Each component of your vehicle’s ADAS will fall under one of the following categories:

  • AUTOMATED – Automatically respond, take over, and perform emergency safety functions to prevent a collision.
  • ADAPTIVE– Based on data about the surrounding environment, changes or adaptations are made to ensure safety.
  • MONITORING – Make corrections as needed based on input from cameras, sensors, and other components that monitor the surrounding area and the driving of the vehicle.
  • WARNING– When a potential safety issue in your driving or those driving around you is detected, these components will alert you.


Many vehicle owners are not aware of just how important glass is as a safety device. Therefore, having quality strong and sturdy glass in your car is imperative.  The windshield in your vehicle is an important safety device which should be replaced correctly by a trained and certified professional.The windshield in your vehicle is a safety device.

  • Prevents the roof from crushing in case of a rollover accident.
  • Acts as a “backboard” for the passenger-side airbag so it cushions you in case of an accident.
  • Keeps passengers inside the vehicle – substantially improving their chances of survival in an accident.

In order for this important safety device to work properly, it must be replaced to function as it did from the factory. Click here to learn more about the importance of safe auto glass installation.


It is important that all auto glass replacement companies follow sound installation practices. With this in mind, GoGlass is a charter member of AGSC (Automotive Glass Safety Council) – a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the safe replacement of auto glass.AGSC was founded and is supported by auto glass companies and other organizations that keep vehicle safety as their primary goal. Its mission is to make every auto glass replacement a safe one.


GoGlass is dedicated to providing on-going training to all of its Auto Glass Technicians through hands-on, classroom and online learning. In addition, all technicians must hold their AGSC certification as a condition of employment. Rest assured that the person working on your vehicle is a skilled trades-person who takes pride in mastering their craft.