A full-time employee installs auto glass in Delmarva

Each GoGlass Installer Is A Full-Time Employee – Not A Subcontractor

We Hire And Train The Best Of The Best

We understand the concerns many Delmarva homeowners have with subcontractors. Although some perform quality work, we’re aware that many are unreliable and overscheduled.

As a result, we don’t use them. Instead, we use self-accountable, full-time glass installation technicians that you can trust in and around your home. 

Each of our GoGlass employees has passed an extensive background check and has completed training courses. You always receive a technician who shows up on time, performs excellent work, and is trustworthy.

Full Time Glass Installers Floor Length Mirror Delmarva GoGlass

Full-Time Installers Are The Lifeblood Of GoGlass

As a full-service glass company, our installers must understand all types of glass installation services – auto glass, custom and standard residential glass, and commercial glass applications

However, we don’t expect each employee to be an expert the moment they walk through the door. Instead, we provide the time, resources, and continual on-the-job training they need to succeed. As a result, we know that every installer we send out produces excellent results. 

Also, we understand and appreciate the level of commitment and effort that is required on their part as full-time employees. Therefore, in addition to our professional and rewarding work environment, we offer our employees competitive wages and salaries, a 401K plan, paid sick and vacation days, and health, dental, and vision insurance.

Ultimately, for your home, it is important to have a technician you can trust to be respectable, skilled, and friendly. That’s why we invest in our technicians, to give you and them the best experience possible.

A full-time GoGlass employee prepares a new insulated glass window for installation

GoGlass Installers – Courteous, Professional, And Self-Accountable

When we hire, we consider the experience and skill of every applicant. However, we look for much more than just a qualified glass installer, as every person we hire must be courteous, professional, and self-accountable:

  • Courteous – We respect you, your home, and your time. Our full-time installers treat you kindly and stay as long as necessary to answer all your questions and concerns. 
  • Professional – We remain 100% professional from start to finish. We clean as we go and leave your property far better than we found it. 
  • Self-Accountable – Our full-time employees are self-accountable. If they make a mistake (or if we make a mistake as a company), we fix the mistake within 24 hours. 

An applicant might be the best glass installer in Delmarva, but if they don’t check these three crucial boxes, we continue our search.

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The GoGlass Way Means Operating “By The Book”

We’ve served the Delmarva community for 40+ years. Throughout the decades, we’ve learned the importance of proper installation. 

We take codes and guidelines seriously. And we never stray from our proven process. Here are a few ways we “practice what we preach” when it comes to doing things the right way: 

  • We’re licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • We offer the best materials at an affordable price.
  • We follow all manufacturer installation guidelines.
  • We answer the phone when you call and show up when you need us.
  • We understand that customer service is part of the installation process.
  • We obtain all proper permits and have a deep understanding of building codes.
  • We’ve implemented a continuous training program for all of our GoGlass employees.

With these policies in mind, GoGlass offers the best auto glass, glass replacement, and custom glass services in the industry – all within a price range that’ll fit most budgets.

If you’re searching for a full-service glass company in Delmarva that uses full-time installers and not subcontractors, then contact GoGlass today for a free quote that is accurate and fair.