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3 Remodel Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Sometimes it seems that architects put bathrooms in the tiniest corners of the home that they can. Other times, the house itself is small to begin with, meaning there’s simply no room for a spacious bathroom. Either way, bathrooms often feel too cramped for comfort. If you have a small bathroom, you likely can’t afford […]

5 Facts You Might Not Know About Windshield Wipers

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Although you might wish you could always drive in dry, sunny conditions, Mother Nature doesn’t provide you with perfect weather all the time. Luckily for you, inventors came up with a way to keep your field of view clear even when rain and snow pelt your windshield-wiper blades. Like many simple but essential inventions, windshield […]

Get Inspired: America’s 4 Coolest Glass Buildings and How Your Office Could Look Like Them

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Your business is successful. Your workforce is growing. Your clients are visiting more often. It’s time for your office building to have a facelift. Your office’s exterior communicates your business’ message to the outside world. Many companies take this messaging seriously, transforming their building into an artful, eye-catching facade that attracts potential employees and visiting […]

Just Installed a Glass Shower Door? Keep It Clean and Clear of Damage

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After learning why you should install a glass shower door in your home, you decided to invest in one. You love the way your new glass shower door looks, and you enjoy how it makes your bathroom feel more spacious. Unlike shower curtains, however, glass shower doors require a little extra maintenance and care on […]

3 Types of Window Damage to Look Out For

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When people picture window damage, they usually visualize cracked or shattered glass. They might think of a stray baseball or a snowball thrown by the neighbor’s child. Or, if they live in a storm-prone area, they might think of cracked and shattered glass in the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado. However, most window damage […]

Starting a Home Remodel? Don’t Forget About Your Windows

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Home remodels give you endless possibilities. After all, you get to completely renovate a room in your home-or maybe you get to completely recreate your entire house! As you’ve decided on which room or rooms to remodel, you’ve likely created a list of items you’d like to replace or upgrade. Perhaps you’re remodeling your kitchen […]

How’d They Do That? 3 Memorable Glass Stunts in Cinema History

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At the height of any action movie, you expect to view a scene that flows something like this. The hero finds himself or herself in a crowded big city, and the villain is in hot pursuit. The protagonist might be maneuvering around obstacles from behind the wheel of a car or dodging hurdles on foot, […]

Haunted Glass? Take a Look at the 10,000 Windows of the Winchester Mystery House

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Glass lets daylight into your home and makes your house the opposite of spooky. In fact, the more windows you have, the less gloomy your house looks. The bright sunshine from your gleaming windows makes you feel cheerful even during the darkest fall and winter months. So it seems strange to say that one of […]