Window Repair VS Window Replacement

May 21, 2024Windows

Should You Get A Window Repair Or Window
Glass Replacement In Bethany Beach, DE?

When A Window Repair Saves You Money
And When A Replacement Is Better

Window glass replacement in Bethany Beach, DE offers benefits such as energy efficiency and defogged windows. But where does a glass replacement fall between a window repair and a window replacement? And which one is right for you?

GoGlass provides glass services in the Delmarva Peninsula, including window glass replacements, window repairs, and window replacements. No matter what you need, we’re the experts to handle the job. Use this guide to understand when you need each service.

Does A Window Repair Save You Money
On The Delmarva Peninsula?

Yes, if you don’t need a window replacement, a window repair will save you money in the short term and long term. Any type of window repair will be less costly than a full window replacement. If that is all you need, then GoGlass is happy to help.

As for the long term, a repair will help prevent worsening issues that may require a full replacement in the future.

Are Both Window Replacements And
Window Repairs Energy-Efficient?

Both window glass replacements and window repairs can be energy-efficient if done by the right company. It’s possible all you need is to reseal your window, which greatly affects air and water leakage issues.

Either will lower your energy bill and make your home easier to heat and cool. So, talk to your window installation company to find out the optimal option for your window.

What’s The Difference In A Window
Repair And Glass Replacement?

A window repair refers to anything that fixes issues you have with your window without replacing the full window. A glass replacement refers to removing old glass and replacing it with new glass. The new glass is usually more energy-efficient and durable. Most of the time, all you need is a glass replacement to reap all the benefits of a window replacement.

Window Glass Replacement Vs.
Full Window Replacement

There’s a difference between replacing your window and replacing your window glass. If you replace your window, you replace the sash, frame, head, sill, and casing. The cost of this adds up, but it is necessary in some cases. In other cases, a glass replacement is your best bet.

When A Glass Replacement (Or Window Repair) Is Better

In certain cases, you may find that a glass replacement or window repair is a better option than a full window replacement. These can include the following:

  • Cold glass – if the glass is cold to the touch, it may not be energy efficient, but replacing the glass alone should fix it.
  • Drafts – a repair is likely sufficient, although a glass replacement may not be ideal. If the drafts are caused by damaged frames, then a full window replacement is superior.
  • Condensation – if it is building up between panes, it’s a huge issue that can be fixed by a glass replacement.
  • Minor damage – most small issues, such as tiny cracks, dents, and residue on the sill, can be addressed with a repair.
  • Fog – though not a good sign, foggy glass is easy to take care of with a glass replacement.
  • High energy bill – an unexpectedly high energy bill may be due to an issue that can be fixed with a glass replacement or window repair.

The signs that you need to replace your glass or get a window repair are usually quite subtle unless your glass is broken. So you’ll have to pay attention to the particular issues your window has to find out if there is a larger, underlying issue or if a repair will take care of everything.

When A Full Window Replacement May Be Better

In other cases, replacing the entire window will be in your best interest. These situations may include the following:

  • The window won’t open – a jammed window is a sign that you need to replace more than your glass.
  • Damaged casing, frame, etc. – severe damage to any part of the window means a full replacement is likely.
  • Rot or mold – these are problems that won’t go away unless you get to the root of the issue.
  • Water damage – even water damage that isn’t rot may require a window replacement.

Your window installation company can let you know the best course of action that will save you the most money and time. At GoGlass, we replace window glass with insulated glass units called Infinity Glass, which come with a lifetime warranty.

GoGlass offers consultations to let you know if you need a window repair or window replacement in Bethany Beach, DE. Call us today at 800-746-4527 to learn more and get your free estimate.