A New Shower Enclosure Creates a Spa Retreat

Dec 28, 2017Shower Enclosures

A functional shower enclosure is no longer the main draw of bathrooms. We lead hectic lives with children, spouses, demanding careers. Therefore we seek rooms that provide a relaxing escape. As a result, bathrooms evolved from simple rooms to spa getaways. Creating a spa bathroom will increase the value of your property and provide a vacation without ever leaving home.

With deluxe tubs dedicated to relaxation, showers are now separate. A shower enclosure provides the superior aesthetic and improves function. The clean, fresh look of the shower enclosure complements the beauty, which will shine through unobstructed.

Shower Enclosure and Door

A frameless shower door lasts much longer than a framed shower door, and eliminates ugly thick metal framing. More importantly, frameless shower doors are the easiest of any shower door to clean. By eliminating the bulky shower door framing, only glass and minimal perimeter support remain, which you easily clean using a rubber squeegee.

Shower Enclosure Style

  • Continuous shower enclosure – Designed for larger bathrooms, potentially including the tub. This style creates a divide from the bathroom and creates an expansive feel. As a result, the shower enclosure is open, with fresh clean lines throughout the bathroom.
  • Tile and glass enclosures – Designed for traditional bathrooms pairing modern with elegant. A frameless glass wall is paired with ytile – the tile ends at waist level or continues all the way to the ceiling. Therefore, Your shower will exude an open feel, but maintain a sense of separation and continuity of design.


  • Swinging doors – The most popular choice and designed to swing in or out. The hinged door allows for the uninhibited flow of the bathroom’s design.
  • Sliding doors – The style is better for smaller spaces by creating more drama with greater space utilization. You experience the openness of the frameless enclosure without sacrificing in other areas.


  • Square shower enclosure with 4 equal walls – Designed mostly with glass, for a sense of openness, without sacrificing size. You should position in the corner of the bathroom against the tile wall.
  • Semi circular shower enclosures – Utilizing a half circle, a continuous glass wall and sliding door creates a fresh, modern look. For a decadent experience, incorporate a steam shower.

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