Simple Broken Glass Fixes

Aug 31, 2018Residential Glass, Shower Enclosures

Why replace the entire window when you can simply replace the glass? We are the only glass company on Delmarva that makes our own replacement units, so we can replace your broken glass unit faster than anyone. In addition to windows, GoGlass can cover all your glass needs. From the broken glass piece to the hard to find glass table top, our in-house oven ensures quick, friendly service.

Glass Replacement Benefits

Simple fix

When someone says they broke their window, rarely do they mean the whole window. The glass itself can be repaired simply without needing to remove the entire window. A simple solution for a simple problem.

Lower Cost

Replacing the glass equals less labor and parts. Therefore, you can replace the glass at a lower cost, saving you time and money.

Faster Repair

We are the only company on the Eastern Shore that has their own glass oven. Therefore, you have much shorter wait times. Glass only replacement means you are not sitting around waiting for the other window parts to come in.

Replacement of glass house in Maryland

Types of Glass Repair and Replacement

  • Insulated (double-pane) Window Glass Replacement
    • GoGlass can repair or replace any type of insulated glass. We fabricate our own insulated glass under the brand name Lindepane™ which enables us to serve our customers faster and ensure the end-quality of the product. We are the only company on the Delmarva Peninsula with both a Billco roller press and vertical glass washer, ensuring both high quality and fast turnaround – sometimes same day!
  • Patio Door Glass Replacement
    • Each of the GoGlass Service Centers is fully-equipped with an inventory of insulated patio door glass sizes and thicknesses. Stocking standard sizes enables us to more quickly respond to the needs of our customers. Tempered safety glass should be used in any patio door application due to its strength and safety qualities. In addition, GoGlass can finish and install patio door rollers to make your old patio door glide like new.
  • Single Pane Glass Replacement or Repair
    • Your GoGlass Service Team can repair or replace the single pane windows either on-site at your house or in our fully-equipped Service Centers.

Patio Tables for televisions in Maryland

Patio Tables, Tabletops, Shelves and Decorative Glass

Choose GoGlass for a wide variety of glass repair and replacement services around your home. The use of glass is widespread, and we specialize in replacing the broken glass you thought you would never find.

  • Glass Table Tops
    • Choose from glass thicknesses from ¼” to ¾” to protect the finish on wood furniture or to create your own custom glass table. A variety of colors including bronze and gray complement our standard clear glass. We can cut the glass to nearly any size or shape to meet your design and functional needs.
  • Glass Shelves
    • Glass shelves make a beautiful accent to any bathroom, family room or kitchen. GoGlass offers custom glass shelves in a range of thicknesses and edgework. In addition, there are many hardware options available to match your existing décor. We can install it for you or sell you the materials for a “do-it-yourself” project.
  • Custom Polished and Beveled Edgework
    • Choose from a variety of edgework to meet any design or functional need. Standard options include a high polished edge, beveled edges from ½” – 1-½”. Custom edging options include Ogee, Barked, and Triple Pencil Polished.
  • Painted Glass
    • Painted glass has been popular in Europe for many years and is now gaining popularity with American consumers in kitchens and bathrooms. One side of the glass has a long-lasting paint and the other side is left unpainted. Painted glass is practical for kitchen or bathroom backsplashes, wet bars, dining areas and other wet or high-moisture areas. Non-porous glass is easy to clean and more hygienic compared to other products and provides a modern look that reflects light.
  • Glass Countertops and Standoffs
    • Glass makes an excellent addition to your existing kitchen area. You can add more space to your cluttered kitchen counter by using a stand-off glass system to add a place for keys, books, papers, etc. Glass provides a sleek look which does not detract from your existing investment in countertop.
  • Fireplace Glass
    • Glass doors in front of your fireplace or stove improve the energy efficiency of the system. The best option for glass in your fireplace is not glass at all, but PyroCeram® which is a highly transparent ceramic having virtually zero thermal expansion. Over long periods of time, PyroCeram® can withstand temperatures of over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Decorative Cabinet Glass
    • A wide range of decorative glass for kitchen cabinets and furniture is available from GoGlass to meet your design goals. Some of the most popular styles include: Light Restoration Glass, Clear Antique 75, Seeded Marine, and many others.
  • Non-Glare Picture Frame Glass
    • All GoGlass locations stock standard and non-glare picture frame glass to protect your images from the environment.

Only Oven on the Eastern Shore

Power Saver Press in Maryland

Our Power Saver Press Oven creates insulated glass right here on Delmarva. Insulated window glazing refers to windows with two or more panes of glass. To insulate the window, the glass panes are spaced apart and hermetically sealed, leaving an insulating air space. Most modern homes and buildings use insulated glass. The windows provide the same benefits of single-pane windows, with energy efficiency that helps homeowners save money.

Rest easy with your glass choice. GoGlass warrants it’s LINDEPANE insulating glass units for a period of five years from the date of manufacture. Each LINDEPANE insulating unit is warranted against material obstruction of vision resulting from dust collection or film formation on internal glass surfaces due to failure of the hermetic seal because of defective materials or workmanship. (Some exclusions apply. Please contact your local GoGlass to learn more.)

To get the process started to fix your broken glass or create your next project, contact GoGlass for a free quote today.