Hard Water Stains Tips and Solutions

Sep 7, 2018Commercial Glass, Glass Cleaning Tips, Residential Glass, Shower Enclosures

Close your eyes. Imagine your perfect bathroom. There’s a large claw foot tub or a modern air jet soaker. You’re finally relaxing in your bubbles. Maybe you hold a glass of wine. Or a good book lays on the ledge. The soothing scents of your new candle wafts through the room.   Slowly open your eyes. You glance across the room, settling on your luxurious steam shower enclosure. Smiling, you take in the private oasis of your spa bathroom.

Suddenly, you spot something upsetting. Your spa getaway has a flaw. Hard water stains and mineral deposits catch the light of your candles and reality comes crashing down. You scrubbed and scrubbed, but those hard water stains, mineral deposits and gunk buildup refuse to budge.

Harsh chemicals strip your home and force toxins into the air. According to the American Lung Association, many cleaning supplies or household products can irritate the eyes or throat, or cause headaches and other health problems, including cancer. Some products release dangerous chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Other harmful ingredients include ammonia and bleach.

While those stains can be challenging, there are safe, environmentally friendly solutions.

Hard Water Stain Removal Tips


Bio-Clean is a hard water stain remover containing non-chemical, non-acidic based cleaning ingredients. You can wipe those stains away without worry. Bio-Clean will not harm or damage skin if touched. This cleaning solution will remove soap scum, hard water stains, calcium, mineral deposits and grime on your bathtub and shower. Bio-Clean is safe to use throughout your entire bathroom and is endorsed by GoGlass experts and can be purchased at any of our 6 locations.

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How to Use Bio-Clean

  • Apply stain remover to cloth. No gloves needed.
  • Rub for 8-10 seconds
  • Wipe product off with second cloth
  • Rinse with water
  • Stain is gone!

Your oasis has been restored. Your shower looks brand new. You sigh in relief and enjoy your paradise again, only to realize the kiddos’ toothpaste left streaks along the mirror. You snort in frustration, remembering the last time you cleaned the mirrors, leaving streaks and bits of paper towel. No matter how many times you sprayed and wiped, the mirror did not shine.

You remember your coughing and shortness of breath the last time you used a popular, blue cleaner. You know that some people can experience redness, rash or even burning on the skin with prolonged contact. Ammonia-based glass cleaners can harm glass shower doors, and abrasive brushes and sponges can leave scratches in the glass and wear down the finish of the door’s frame. The manufacturer of your glass shower door may require that you avoid these cleaning products and tools, as well as others, to maintain your warranty. But don’t worry, GoGlass has an alternative that leaves your glass sparkling.

Dirty Glass Solutions

GoGlass Glass CleanerGoGlass Glass Cleaner

  • Spray on fine mist
  • Wipe clean
  • For best results, polish with lint-free, cotton cloth
  • Leaves no film

Preventative Care

  • Squeegee the water off walls and glass
  • Run vent fan for 20-30 minutes to reduce humidity
  • Leave shower door ajar to keep from trapping moisture

Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) Application

Concerned about an extra level of protection? We apply this to the new or existing shower doors to prevent new water stains from happening. DFI is an optically clear, protective coating that transforms ordinary glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface. By filling in the microscopic peaks and valleys of the surface, DFI creates an ultra-thin, invisible barrier that protects glass from stains, corrosion, and other environmental pollutants. Also, a DFI application makes cleaning easier and less frequent.


Ahhh…your paradise is now perfect. Relax and enjoy your spa bathroom. Escape from your daily struggles with your own personal oasis. Don’t forget to wide down your shower doors after each use to prevent soap scum. Need a squeegee? Stop by your local GoGlass and pick up your very own.