What to Choose – Repair Or Replacement of Cracked Double Pane Window Glass?

Jan 21, 2022Residential Glass

You’ve got cracks in double-pane window glass and don’t know what to do? Be it damaged by weather or with a baseball in the backyard, a glass of double-pane window cannot be repaired. When any of the glass layers of a double-pane window break, replace both panes to ensure effectiveness. Here you can understand why you can’t just repair the broken glass and the best way to fix your double-pane window.

Repair OR Replacement:

Repairing a cracked glass layer in a double-pane is short-term and often involves an adhesive applied between the fractures. The solution used is either putty or a specific tape that preserves the window from any more cracks or breaks. There is no need to dismantle the glass for this quick fix, but it is essential to replace it in the long term. A residential window replacement is recommended if one or both panes are cracked. When the window frame is in good condition, only the glass has to be changed. To avoid any weather damage, get the replacement done as soon as possible to safeguard the interior of your residence.

Why Is It Necessary to Replace Broken Glass?

When the glass of a double-pane window cracks or breaks, air may flow more freely via the window. This affects the productivity of your windows because of the weather barriers and insulation. The excessive strain on your home’s HVAC system, can raise your power bill and result in increased repair and maintenance expenditures.

Why Replace Both Panes?

Air or gas trapped between two layers of glass in a double-pane window acts as an insulator, ensuring that your windows remain effective against any outside elements. Double-pane windows can also help your HVAC system run more efficiently by maintaining a steady interior temperature. The air or gas leaks because of a cracked glass pane, leading the window to lose its capacity to insulate effectively. While fixing a single-pane window glass is viable, a double-pane window should have both panes installed and removed simultaneously.

Is it Possible to Replace the Panes on Own?

If you’re thinking of replacing the glass in a double-paned window on your own, the answer is NO. To correctly remove the broken glass and replace it with the new pane, you’ll need specialized tools. Attempting to complete this task without the necessary tools, information, or skill can be risky and lead to significant damage. If your double-pane window glass is damaged or cracked, you should contact a residential window glass replacement near you who has all the necessary tools and skills for a proper replacement.

Glass Replacement by Professionals:

Double-pane glass windows protect your home from the extremes environment and help your Air conditioning system run efficiently. However, if your double-pane window glass is damaged or cracked, do not attempt to repair or replace it on your own. MrGoGlass.com has skilled technicians that have years of experience in repairs and replacement windows. We provide prompt, accurate, and professional house window glass repair. To make an appointment, call us or visit our store today.