Types of Options & Accessories for the Surrounding of Shower Doors

Jan 27, 2022Residential Glass

While deciding on a product category like a particular glass door, or any extra shower door accessories, make sure you choose the custom shower glass door that best meets your demands and design sensibility. There are three types of shower glass doors: frameless, semi-frameless, and framed. There are two primary sections within these types: sliding door coverings and swinging door coverings.

Options for Shower Glass Door Frame:

1. Frameless Glass Doors:

Do you desire sleek, modern style, frameless glass shower doors? Visit GoGlass Corporation, and the team provides a very classic collection of ideal glass doors that make your tiny bathroom appear to be bigger. A frameless shower enclosure has a hard metal frame around the glass. It has 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch tempered glass. To hold the panel safe and in position, the frameless shower door enclosures include headers, U-channels, and fasteners.

2. Semi-Frameless Doors:

A semi-frameless shower glass door has metal all around the border of glass panels as compared to a frameless enclosure. There will be a minimum metal frame on the inside of the shower glass door or lining of the top shower enclosure. Semi-frameless shower enclosure installation is an attractive substitute for homeowners who want a sleek or optimizing look yet love the simplicity of the glass frame. This shower enclosure has 3/8-inch – 14-inch solid tempered glass.

3. Framed Glass Doors:

Framed glass door enclosures hold a hard metal plate that surrounds the whole unit and is made with thinner glass than in semi-frameless & frameless counterparts. It generally measures 5/32-inch to 3/16-inch thin tempered glass.

Difference Between Sliding & Swinging Shower Door Enclosures:

1. Enclosures of Sliding Shower Doors:

Sliding glass showers, also known as bypass shower doors, are doors that operate with a rail system. These doors require a bit of rail at the top & bottom of the shower door so that the door glide employs a set of wheels or rollers. Sliding door enclosures are best for frameless, semi-frameless, and framed doors.

2. Enclosures of Swinging Shower Doors:

Swinging door enclosures usually open outside by sliding on a fixed location. There are two types of swinging shower doors – hinge doors & pivot doors. These shower doors link with fixed glass panels, bathroom walls/floor/ceiling, or even the shower surround. Both types of doors can be constructed to have inverse as well as outward directions.

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